Focus only on Nintendo Switch?

With the Nintendo Switch being out a year now, why is Nintendo still pushing the 3ds? They even just released three new ones– Animal Crossing, Zelda Hylain Shield, and Minecraft.

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Here is a #Nintendo video on the #2DS and why #nintendo isn’t only focusing on the #NintendoSwitch

38 Replies to “Focus only on Nintendo Switch?”

  1. Obsolete Trunks

    I own both consoles and still play my 3ds more. The 3ds just has an amazing library. All 3ds and ds games, that's so many games for a single console. The switch is just over 2 years old and has a lot of work to do before it can stand on its own. I'm still planning on getting at least one more 3ds before they stop being produced because I want to make sure I own a brand new one so that I can always have my 3ds library.

  2. thegreendank1

    I had a Nes and a Snes growing up but then I switched to PlayStation and stuck with them up to the ps3, then I went to pc but I had a longing to get something from Nintendo again so the new 2ds xl was the perfect choice for me and I'm glad I got it. I'm Going ds/3ds flea market cart hunting this weekend in hopes to start my library.

  3. Ultimate Magneto

    After all these years I went to best buy last Saturday and bought the Nintendo 2DS XL with Mario Kart #7 for $150. Add in Zelda Ocarina of time and super Mario Bros #2 and it's already becoming my retro gaming system. I'm on the hunt for Mario 64, Sonic classic collection, Super Street fighter 4, etc I'll wait on the switch.

  4. J374338

    I won’t called myself a fan as I ONLY play Pokémon on Nintendo platform…. so I may not know the true reason
    But from how I see it, maybe Nintendo trying to be like Apple? You know, even after iPhone got to 6/7, but they still release 5 model (SE)
    The “animal crossing” 3DS is certainly a sweet addition to your Nintendo console collectibles

  5. Elliander Eldridge

    Here's what I'd like to see: A wireless dock option similar to the WiiU Gamepad. Even soft modded 3DS consoles can do that, so it shouldn't be that difficult for Nintendo. With wireless docking, it would allow the Switch – who's hardware is already similar to the 3DS – to merge 3DS and Switch hardware into a single console. Using the TV as the top screen and the Switch as the bottom, or side by side screens when portable. If they went in this direction, they could merge the 3DS and Switch into a single new console, which would allow them to focus their efforts on one console while not loosing the ability to sell games for either platform.

    The only real problem with this idea is differences in cart size, but that could be solved by creating a new cart slot with two adapters – one for fitting 3DS games, and 1 for fitting Switch games – and then use that new slot going forward for the games unique to it. All together, such an approach would be possible in the future to bring all past Nintendo games into one console.

    This idea would also allow for games to be made in the style of Wii U games and allow for ports if and when the hardware is strong enough. Yes, the Wii U was a flop, but mostly because of the requirement to use that Gamepad for games that shouldn't need it alongside the fact that the whole gimmick – the ability to take it somewhere else to play in handheld mode – just didn't work in practice. Still, as a concept, using a portable screen while playing on the TV is a good one, which the Switch should be capable of doing.

    In short: I want to see Nintendo support only a single console, but I want that console to run everything.

  6. alex garcia

    The Nintendo 3ds/2ds xl is not a good console by any means. They have a few good games but the console itself is not got at all. The screen is crap and the graphics are terrible. On monster hunter you can't even read sometimes because the subtitles don't even look decent, and not to mention it doesn't even have a second joystick! That really limits gameplay. There's always something lacking in this system. The ps vita is far better, I really tried to give this console a try, I bought 2 3ds xl so I can play with my son, I modified the pathetic c stick, and got s bunch of games, I play them once or twice and they are ok but that's it. So hard to pick up the 3ds when you have a vita right next to it. Hell I pick up my PSP go more often. I can't even believe this sold more that the vita.

  7. Yee Yee

    Nintendo 3DS has some very good years on it, it is time to stop. and focus on switch, bad thing is that (and as a personal opinion) they auto sabotage themselves with the switch, they most likely are killing the portable market (which btw they always are on top on this niche) so probably we are gonna se a pocket switch eventually. but no more 3ds cuz is nlt gonna sell well having another portable hybrid.

  8. manybalby

    I already loved the 3ds but I began stepping out of my comfort zone with games. I've been buying more 3ds games and I love the handheld even more! Plus people complaining that developers are taking time that could be spent on the Switch and using it for the 3ds are you serious? They're acting like there hasn't been a Switch game made in years. Have you seen the lineup of games coming out for the Switch this year AND 2020. Trust me your Switch is doing just fine how about you butt out and let us enjoy our 3ds. Honestly if a game is available on the ps4 and Switch I always buy the ps4 version.

  9. Plaku 123

    Honestly the 3ds is much more better than the switch, it has better games and it can support ds games, of course its better than the switch, but that's my opinion

  10. ミスKoshō

    They are definitely focusing on the switch. I went to three different stores today in search of a New 3DD XL and to no avail. I ended up having to it online and the stores I went to barely had any games for it. It honestly hurts my heart because the switch is no replacement for the 3DS. Is it more advanced? Yes. But is it the same? No. I don't care how dead the 3DS becomes. I'll always stick with mine.

  11. Joshua Fante

    All the DS consoles are good quality products n have terrific games. I'm happy nintendo supports them I don't get why ur even tripping
    I'd say it's about over for 3ds w new switch Getting new variations but I hope they keep supporting both hell if they'd make a switch to play both games it'd be epic!!!

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