1. Accolade Awarded

    UPDATE:…you said you're NOT flying for commercial purposes? Think again, Sparky. You posted the video here in YouTube (to promote your channel) therefore it IS for commercial purposes. The level of complete stupidity of so many of you drone pilots is amazing and remember everyone, you can't fix stupid.

  2. Patrick Michael

    Ken Heron already beat me to it. But, you cannot use the drone footage for your channel if the video is monetized. I would think you of all people would know that. You filming them flying the drone as hobbyists is perfectly fine. I wouldn't want to leave this on my channel. But, to each his/her own.

  3. TheTimeTraveler2025

    But… you are flying from a moving vehicle… busted… lol
    And… if you ask someone to fly… oddly that is considered commercial.
    And… if you use the video for commercial gain, ie YouTube channel,… that is commercial… busted… lol

  4. Philip Farruggio

    How about EVERYONE simply mind your own jealous ass business and sit back and enjoy the video. Sorry ass people always running their damn mouth like anyone honestly cares to hear your worthless comments.

  5. Single Malt Media

    Whatever! Not gonna spend a lot of time arguing this point, but The Statue of Liberty if National Park Service property and you cannot fly there without a permit from the Department of Interior and NPS. Even being hundreds of feet from the statue, you are still over NPS jurisdiction.

  6. Chrono Trigger

    Fantastic video, excited (and a little jealous lol) for you. One small critique, that background music is awful… hurt my ears, had to mute it several times and almost quit watching when it came on. Glad I didn't but still… the music at 8:40 was so much better and more pleasant.

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