Fixing WyzeCams’ Notification Issue With IFTTT

So having a #Wyzecam is amazing and you know I love them. But getting notified every time I’m even home, gets annoying. So I figured a way to fix that with using #IFTTT. Lets check it out!
#VEDA Day 30

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8 Replies to “Fixing WyzeCams’ Notification Issue With IFTTT”

  1. Siddharth Thakur

    Thanks for the great instructions. I have a question- how can I add my partner's phone on it as well, so that if either of us is home, the camera stays off? (I don't want to keep getting notifications if she's at home by herself).

  2. Aaron Wilhelm

    This is brilliant man! I didn't realize that Wyze had IFTTT integration….or if I did, I dont really use IFTTT at all so I never even thought about doing this. It can be such a pain to get these notifications. Thanks man!

  3. Danny McNeal

    Two questions: I am using WeMo’s non-dimmable WiFi light switch in the garage. Question #1: If I use the WyzeCam v2 as a motion sensor in the garage, can I use the IFTTT app to switch the garage light on when motion is detected? Question #2: Can I set either WyzeCam or the IFTTT app so that when there is no continuing motion in the garage the light goes off after a pre-determined time, say 5 minutes? Thanks for your help!

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