Fix Samsung led tv “” NO SIGNAL “” hdmi connection problem with pc (Mind the cards of the video)

A possible fix, if your samsung tv displays the message “no signal” when connected with pc via hdmi cable. Pay attention at the CARDS of the video!!!

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  1. Damien Tyler

    you fixed my problem!! I've been messing with this new graphics card all night.. my PC would detect the TV and show the name, but no signal.. but the same cable worked with my raspberry pi.. once i took your advice and found a newer cable laying around, which i had no idea if it was newer or not, i just thought id try, and bingo… now I'm using HDMI instead of VGA.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ^_^


    joes 4 K same issue

    I had same issue

    so i did this hooked my dell hybrid pc up to my old samsung tv rolled back on my winDC ows 10 without updates installed turned off automatic updates on windows 10

    removed itunes icloud included in those
    removed there updates

    Now my computer HDMI now works fine again..

  3. Musa Husein

    Can you help i use tv as monitor before I was use LG now i change to SAMSUNG and this Samsung it haven't VGA cable only HDMI and COMPONENT. AV also what should i do please help

  4. Sordoba

    If the display is not clear or sharp on Samsung or LG TVs or you are randomly losing signal try renaming the 'HDMI' connection to 'PC' instead. Samsung and LG TVs support renaming a connection using the remote control. This unintuitive step fixes display issues on these TVs.

  5. aggelos koumatis

    στην αρχη νομιζα οτι ειναι η καρτα γραφικων μου γιατι γενικα μου εκανε νουμερα, αλλαξα καρτα και παλι μου κανει τα ιδια νουμερα , 1 ερχεται 1 φευγει. το hdmi den to δοκιμασα. καμια αλλη ιδεα? γιατι απο οτι ειδα το καλωδιο δεν διοθρωνει 100% το προβλημα, μην δωσω τσαμπα λεφτα ευχαριστω

  6. Jun Xiong Ong

    I had the same "no signal" issue. I could connect it to my tv a few days ago but recently i tried and it suddenly showed no signal. i tried factory reset, plugging in and out my hdmi cable but it still wont work. i've also tried my second wire and it showed the same results.


    I have a fix 🙂
    If you have the problem where 4K 60fps goes out when you shut your tv off, and you usually have to unplug HDMI and plug it back in to get it to work? Well all you have to do is go to menu, system, general, and disable Samsung Instant on. Boom. Source stays connected no matter how many times you shut the tv off.

  8. Nadun Perera

    this worked for me. my tv signal was losing as soon as I connect ps4 into hdmi port. I have switched from the original ps4 hdmi cable to a cheaper one i got from somewhere and the problem was fixed. impressive.

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