Fix Bright Spots on LG LED Television (LCD TV with LED Backlighting)

LG LCD TV screens may develop 1 or more bright spots after a few years. This will appear as white circles and be most noticeable when viewing brighter scenes. The white spots are caused by clear plastic circular lenses inside the screen coming loose. I believe these lenses are used to distribute the light evenly across the screen and they come loose because the quality of glue used to hold them in place is not very good.

If you have a bit of technical skill, a screwdriver set and good quality glue you can fix this problem yourself. It’s a fairly time consuming process as there are many screws and several layers that need removing to get to the lenses.

Here’s how you fix the white spot problem. Make sure you switch the power off and unplug all cables before you do anything else. Attempt it at your own risk and don’t be sad if your TV doesn’t work afterwards. Good luck!

Update: Thanks for all of the comments and subscriptions. Here is some additional information based on feedback in the comments:

1. When you disassemble your TV, make sure you are careful and note how components are ordered. There are several sheets (mostly white) before you get to the lenses/reflectors. These sheets need to go back in the correct order so try not to separate them. You may like to photograph each stage as you go so you can refer to the photos when it’s time to reassemble.

2. The most common questions in the comments are about glue. I used Tarzan’s Grip but others have had success with different glues. As long as they are strong glues that dry clear you shouldn’t have a problem. Here are other glue suggestions – Clear Gorilla glue, Super glue, Krazy glue, E6000, T6000, B7000.

3. It was commented that you can use clear adhesive tape instead of glue to hold the lenses in place. Just make sure it is strong tape that will stay clear over time. Crystal Clear Gorilla tape was recommended and I’m sure there are similar strong tapes if you do your research.

4. Some people mention keeping the components clean. I did not need to clean mine but you could use a soft cloth to remove dust from the screen and sheets if required. There was also mention of using screen cleaner on the screen.

21 Replies to “Fix Bright Spots on LG LED Television (LCD TV with LED Backlighting)”

  1. Harley

    Re glued all my reflectors on with gorilla super glue put it back together great picture but when you have a white tv show background you can see all of the led lights lit up what would cause this??? I followed this video exactly. Any suggestions please!! Is there a certain way these reflector lenses have to be other then the three legs when you install them?

  2. Amanda Webber

    Thank you so much for this video. I was able to fix my TV without paying a fortune. Some of my lenses didn't sit quite center, so there are still some spots for me. But that's on me, I may go back in later, but its 100x better than when I started. I was able to take apart and put my tv back in working order thanks to you!

  3. Page Conners

    They made me do it. I FIXED MY LG TV!
    5 years ago I bought this tv:
    It finally succumbed to LG flashlight spotlight syndrome (These weird bright spots looks like a flashlight on a character).
    I bought this (it's cheaper every day I SWEAR they will be free soon) Toshiba 43LF421U21 (What a piece of crap, random black screen of death, lousy menus, horrible OTA reception…)
    Went shopping for a TV with good OTA tuner… forget about it. (cord cutters will rule the world…)
    Long story short – THANKS glued in nearly ALL of the lenses – working like new.

  4. Victor Lazaro

    Thanks to you I won't have an excuse to buy a new 4K TV for a while longer. The problem is I still see some small light difference where the LEDs are. Not sure if it's because they're not 100% aligned anymore or because I know where they are and know what to look for now. Anyways. Very helpful video. And to LG, USE A DIFFERENT GLUE!

  5. safe n sound

    Hi, I managed to glue the lights back and followed all the instructions you gave but after I switched it back on there is no picture( blank screen) with standby light and sound working though…what can we do to get the picture back on?

  6. PaperFilm Productions

    Cool video mate. I have about 8 spots on my 70 inch 70lb6560-ta
    I phoned a repair place and they said I need to get the whole back panel replaced for $900
    Would this be the case?
    I think I just need to glue the plastic parts back on like you have done in your vid.
    I'm keen to give it a go myself thanks to your video.

  7. Tom Edwards

    Hi, don't know if anyone can help. I had two bright spots so i did this repair as shown and glued all the lenses with superglue. The bright spots are now gone, but now I can faintly see ALL the backlights in a grid behind the screen, especially when the TV starts up. I'm sure this wasn't the case before. Anyone have any ideas what I may have done wrong?

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