First Time Flying A Drone | AUTEL EVO

Is it your first time flying a drone? In this video, I go through my first time flying a drone and explain some simple maneuvers you can do to start to practice your drone skills. Along the way, we take a look at the incredible Autel Robotics Evo drone and explore its incredible value!

Autel Evo Drone –
Autel Evo Drone Rugged Bundle –

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□ Main Camera – Sony a7iii:
□ B CAMERA – Sony a6600:
□ C Camera – Sony a6400:
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□ Spare Batteries & Charger for a6400:
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□ Tamron 17-28 f2.8:
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□ Sony 18-105 F4:
□ Sony 16-35 F4:
□ Sigma 30mm F1.4:
□ Sigma 56mm F1.4:
□ Big Main Light – Aputure 120dii:
□ Softbox for Main Light – Aputure Light Dome ii:
□ Less Expensive Light – Falconeyes SO48td:
□ Even Cheaper/Smaller Light – Falconeyes SO28td:
□ Big Light Stand – Neewer C-Stand:
□ Small Light Stand – Neewer Light stand:
□ Cute TINY RGB Light:
□ My Main Microphone – Deity Vmic D3Pro:
□ Backup (cheaper) version – Deity Vmic D3:
□ Wireless Lav Setup – Deity Connect:
□ Portable recorder – Roland R-07:
—Other Stuff—
□ Daily Camera Backpack – WANDRD PRVKE Backpack:
□ Main Tripod – 3 Legged Thing Punks Brian:
□ Cheaper Tripod – Neewer Carbon Fibre:
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38 Replies to “First Time Flying A Drone | AUTEL EVO”


    Just bought my rugged bundle and got it delivered charged the batteries and a couple of days later I chose to get some maiden flights in and the batteries were all the same about 54%. So I flew each one messing with camera settings and what not until 25% alarm and charged them again now is this common or do they begin to discharge immediately after charge or do I have to get more cycles on it? Also iOS won’t get update I’m going to try and manually update. Thanks for the video I hit like and subscribe.

  2. Agent К

    If the price came down to the Mavic Air price range, it would be a competitive product. It's a couple of hundred bucks too high when compared to its competition.

  3. bugatti314159

    Been flying for about 5 years off and on. Started with a full manual Walkera Phantom knock-off and some micro drones. The Walkera was fast and fun but never had the camera on it so I could only fly around close. Went through several garbage drones like Holy Stone, Xiaomi, etc before the Tello came out. I love that one for flying around the house and playing with flight programming. Finally bought the Evo recently and love it so far. It practically flies itself and is impressively quiet. I just hope I don't encounter any of the massive bugs some users are reporting. If I do I'm trading it for a Mavic.

  4. Mangesh Shetkar

    Hey Dunna ! I watch all your video and they are really awesome. I recently bought Sony a6400 and i want to buy spare batteries for it. So should i go for the original Sony batteries (which are really expensive) or should i go for third party. If your answer is third party then can you suggest me any brand and if possible can you make review video of that. Thank you !

  5. Ryan H

    Great video Dunna.BTW you look great, leaner. Back to the drone. Very impressive camera and feature set; it comes in awesome orange! Have a great day

  6. John s

    The Autel evo is a good drone but not as good as the mavic 2 Series and never will be Autel has a long way to go the drone came out about a year ago and they still don't have a charger for it that's ridiculous just like the xstar and look what happened to that discontinued my opinion is It's A step above the mavic pro miles from the mavic 2 Series and always will be

  7. Obie Columbus

    Looks like fun, I haven't flown one yet but planning on getting one some day. The restrictions (Laws) is what I'm looking at for the mean time. But will study it and know the safe zones to fly.

  8. Lila

    The other day, I was looking at the map that shows where drones are allowed in the Netherlands and basically where I live it's completely useless. Too bad, because it would be super cool to shoot some stuff with a drone, but yeah better for my wallet, that's for sure. I think your footage looked pretty cool, definitely for using it the first time!

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