First Ride Inside Mercedes Electric Car!

We got to ride in the new Mercedes-Benz EQC while at CES 2019. It has some amazing features. Check out our other car videos:

We were in Sweden to see the EQC on launch day:

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Filmed in 4k on this camera:
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30 Replies to “First Ride Inside Mercedes Electric Car!”

  1. Kelvin Ham

    Now the race to the electric future truely begins. Goodbye fossil fueled cars, goodbye Ford that is not gearing up for an Electric future. Only American brands that will survive ate Tesla and GM.

  2. tacfoley

    It's VERY gloomy in there, especially with the teeny glass roof panel. I remember that the original had a full-length glass roof, something that I have in my Ford S-Max here in UK for 1/10th the price of this car.

  3. Craig Williams

    I can’t help but think Tesla has broken the ice (so to speak) for the likes of Mercedes, Hyundai etc that are currently gearing up to release new electric models on the mass market.
    Will Tesla survive with an automotive powerhouse like Mercedes releasing 10 models in a matter of a few years?
    I fear not but hope they have a niche the will survive.

  4. NYC Entrepreneur

    2022??!! WTF. How can MB wait that long to come out w EQC?? Completely letting Jag, Audi, Tesla and about 10 Chinese makers to get a massive head.start.

    I’m a HUGE long time Mercedes owner and the only electric car I would want is MB but not waiting 2+ yrs

  5. Art Key

    Still one foot in the ICE grave…. typical non-commital mainstream car manufacturer’s architecture, an EV based on the ICE GLC. Like the iPace these cars should’ve been built in 2010.

  6. pangrac1

    Still based on combustion GLC model. So its not the clean electric skateboard construction. And they completely wasted huge motorbay and there is no frunk at all!!! Lol ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

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