Find out more about the AF9, Sony’s new OLED TV:

TV design has evolved with the AF9! Our latest and most powerful processor boosts image quality. You also get exclusive audio technology, an iconic look and Smart TV features built-in.

Watch this video for a peek at Sony’s recently announced, brand new OLED TV

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23 Replies to “First Look: BRAVIA OLED AF9 MASTER Series TV”

  1. Fox Baker

    So perfect , and a retard created the stand . Congratulations on that . Only faggots and goats tilt their screen backwards . Is there a way to adjust the panel without tilt ?

  2. Alex Saraceno

    Please, please , please make this exact panel in 2020 with higher peak brightness and with HDMI 2.1 and AV1 codec for better PQ with streaming. This TV is sexy ! Love the easel stand ! Sony nailed it with this design ! Way to think outside the box Sony !

  3. Alex Saraceno

    TOO EARLY to start talking about "What the Director intended." Let's get 12-Bit panels with HDMI 2.1 allowing for more colors in the Rec.2020 color space, then….Sony can start taking about "what the Director intended." There's way more room for improvement with 12-bit and HDMI 2.1 that has yet to be implemented. And hardware for AV1 codec in a couple years for less compressed video streaming.

  4. Alex Saraceno

    At 4:51 in the 2018 SHOOTOUT VIDEO, pause it. Then look. The Ice looks blue compared to the TV next to it on each side. Oled has more evolving to do. I really wanted the A9F until I saw this. No way. Hopefully, in the next couple years, these engineers can somehow squeeze out another 200 Nits or so to get the whites…white. I love the kickstand, so hopefully the follow-up to the A9F will have HDMI 2.1 with higher peak brightness. Higher peak brightness is needed.

  5. Alex Saraceno

    What bothers me is that I've been waiting for a follow-up to the A1E. I love kickstand in the back. But…I wanted a follow-up on a next gen panel with HDMI 2.1 which is right around the corner. This is all on the same panel as the AF8 which still has that bluish hue to the whites. I don't care if Sony puts the word, MASTER in it's name, it's not worth $3500 for the 55" and $4500 for the 65". Especially when this came only 1% above the LG E8 in overall best home theatre and HDR at the Shootout a couple weeks back. And those TVs are $2100 respectively for the C8 which has the same PQ. Sony should've designed this AF9 on a 2019 panel with HDMI 2.1 which should have higher peak brightness and increase Rec. 2020 color space. Now I have to wait God knows how lon for a follow-up to this.

  6. Tim Moore

    I just got my new Sony A9F 65" OLED yesterday. Any recommendations for make football better with less shadows around players or some pixel blurriness? I watched 2 college football games on 2 different TV cable channels and it was grainy in the background or blurry a bit and around the football players when the cameraman zoomed out. White clouds are grainy too. Any settings you recommend in Custom?

  7. Mario Super

    Why oh why would they go back to that reclining stand?! Nobody that I know likes it whatsoever. AF8 dealt with it and it looks very good but as it didn't have X1 processor I thought I rather wait but now they have gone back to that reclining stand which in my view just doesn't look right. I suppose now I will have to wait for the people to complain en-masse (yet again) and Sony will come up with an upright version so no new screen for me until mid next-year at the earliest. I know a person who works at Sevenoaks HiFi who told me that people just hate that reclining stand. Well done to Sony for listening to your consumers, or maybe not.

  8. Nafis Zaman

    Sony can hit two birds with one stone! It they madee a new Android oled phone with an exclusive PlayStation library! Include a Dualshock controller with it which can attach trough somthing mabye. This somthing could hold seperate battery or OS! If this ever happens then it would revive both the mobile market and portable gaming market for Sony!

  9. Tachibana Hasegawa

    Sony will use it`s own OLED(JDI) display and 4K HDR technology, the three primary color OLED screen is the top display technology, WRGB white OLED screen is Japan's first generation of OLED technology licensed to S Korea's company LG's large-screen TV/ samsung`s the screen of the smartphone.

  10. Mike Palto

    9 ne veut absolument pas dire mieux que 8…encore une Oled Cheap de chez Sony…le Oled est la pire Arnaque du moment …méfiez vous quand même!!! Le Qled de chez Samsung reste la TECH la plus fiable

  11. Badma Ochirov

    Сзади панель обтянута тканью? Вот она как раз и будет собирать пыль, а влажной тряпкой нельзя будет вытереть, иначе все размажется, мдаа спорное решение.

  12. Jasper Pollet

    Great, just bought the af8 and that monitor still has lots of issues. Can you please fix these? Also feel that a lot of options (netflix calibration, middle speaker mode,…) could be added to af8 with software updates (which this system has been lacking)

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