First Jaguar I-Pace Delivered in the US

The very first Jaguar I-Pace electric SUV was delivered to its first USA customer but I don’t like the marketing message they delivered along with it. Let’s talk about it as I take your questions and comments during the LIVE stream!

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35 Replies to “First Jaguar I-Pace Delivered in the US”

  1. Gianluca Parodi

    I made a test drive of the new I-PACE last Friday here in Italy. It is a great car but you can buy it only (in our country) you don’t travel a lot. I’ll buy the Tesla Model 3 for 2 reasons, there are super chargers and destination chargers and the price will be around €50/60.000. I’m a sales agent and I drive 55/60.000 every year, I made some simulations, with Tesla I can do it. The Jaguar sales guy (very polite, the test drive was about half hour) said the car was not tested in the last 3 weeks, while their customers make 2/3 tests every day with petrol engine versions. In Italy unfortunately rich people don’t care about pollution (I do and I’ll buy an electric car also for this reason). Jaguar and other manufacturers are getting ready to compete with Tesla but they will not need to do it until people will be electric instead of a normal car. It will be, here , in 2020/2022. The I-Pace I configured was € 97.500 and let’s say it is a mid class version.

  2. Todd Gun

    You should also check out bjorn nylands video on I-pace. He provides very detailed analysis. And he’s driven the car. IMO more EV is good for the world and environment. Competition is normal. For now Tesla is on top, of course Jaguar will label Tesla as its main competitor. Name one sports team will view losing team as its main rival. There’s no need for any car makers to compete on every category. Buyers will determine what fits their need and lifestyle.

  3. Todd Gun

    What was jaguar spokesman supposed to say? We are going to lose in every category, and we just hope consumers will spare us some crumbs. Not everyone wants Tesla. It’s like saying why can’t Ferrari beat Bugatti in top speed. Guess what?! People still buys Ferrari.

  4. SNESmapper

    The release of a new EV vehicle should be a motive for celebration in the EV community, not sure I agree with the criticism of what color the car is or nitpick the family that took delivery.
    I hope the I-Pace finds a decent userbase and sells well enough to warrant the full switch from ice to evs that Jaguar is considering.

  5. Yannick

    At Frankfurt/Main airport they have a jaguar I pace standing there and a lot of advertisement (for the ipace) throughout the building (and remember that's the second biggest airport in Europe)

  6. abhijeet patil

    Jaguar n land Rover is owned by Tata Motors….and Tata Motors stock is making multi year lows with each passing day….reason Jaguar n Land Rover sales r down n down….their sales in China r down 40%….China which is big market for them…..forward looking i m not at all bullish about Jaguar n Land Rover….

  7. Nigel Weir

    Seen jag in nireland, garage adverts on it charging , red , yes , very large wheels , liked it but the price , difficult to compare with model x , no charging infrastructure to match Tesla though no superchargers in nireland yet , one planned

  8. Mark Lawrence

    That comment of the day you picked was pretty late to the game when it comes to vin 100k+. During the first weekend owners volunteered their time with deliveries they were already spotting vins over 100k. That would push early sitings to late September while that 3 days prior comment date would still be October.

  9. The Steel Curtain

    I simply applaud Jaguar's efforts to bring EVs to market. This is a new effort for them so its understandable they are trying to find the right frequency for them. I'm sure this idea was vetted through a process and was eventually approved. Whatever vision they have we will see it's full affect in time.

    I'm wishing them sucess on their journey.

  10. David Campbell

    Hello Alex. I think Jaguar is doing fairly reasonable marketing the iPace. I subscribed to their YouTube channel and get a lot of videos, emails, and updates on their iPace. I am from the State of Georgia. I had an opportunity to test drive the Jaguar iPace. I also have my build on their website and make plans to get one. The quality, drivetrain, seating, and overall presentation was great during my test drive. There were many of us scheduled to test drive the iPace. I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination. Jaguar is known for luxury and a somewhat more lucrative target audience like a Tesla Model S when they first came out. Considering the price of Tesla, I think they showcased a luxury car with a family that seemed reasonably well to do. Who wants to have their car of any brand in a location that looks sketcy? That would never sell.

  11. Jeff

    These cars are absurd.
    We are in the midst of a global climate emergency, the planet cant afford these excessively powerful vehicles.
    The amount of carbon required to produce and operate these vehicles is enormous.
    During war time western nations sacrificed for what they felt was the benefit of the greater society.
    We should be doing the same here.
    The technology is advanced enough now that governments can force manufacturers to produce non carbon producing modest EV's.
    In addition society should say that driving these energy hogs is no longer acceptable, governments can pass legislation not allowing them on our roads.
    IPCC states we have 10 years to get our act together, there is no time left to f**k around.

  12. Tony S

    This is not one of your better videos. I disagree with many of what you said (too many to mention). Red maybe the preferred color for those that use neon lights to decorate the interior of their houses, but Red is not for those who drive Jaguar (not my type either!). Also, Tesla’s control panel interface is not the best in the industry, and interior quality is second tier.

  13. David Blakley

    Jaguar has made some of the least reliable cars with terrible electric wiring issues in history! Better marketing isn't going to erase there history. There is a new bill from Dean Heller Republican from Nevada to help Tesla sell more EV's the bill is S.3852 and can be read at This is extremely important for Tesla's continued success.

  14. Stephen Lee

    Just this week I was getting my company car serviced and the NTB I was at sits next door to a Tesla Dealership. The Model 3 is the hottest car out I was there for about an hour and witnessed 3 deliveries…not sure what Jaguar is doing but I know Tesla is out front. I think the Audi will be next and if Jaguar can get enough I-Paces here then they can grab some market share.

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