First Hands On: Lutron Caseta Bridge

The Lutron Caseta Bridge provides affordable control of lighting and shades from smartphone and tablet apps. In this video, we take you through the setup procedure. Give us a call today to order Caseta or any other great products from Lutron! 800-282-8864 or email

14 Replies to “First Hands On: Lutron Caseta Bridge”

  1. PowerWizard

    Wireless Bridge??? You have it plugged into the ethernet. That's NOT wireless! You demo'd it as being able to operate "wireless"in a shielded can. You placed the bridge into tjhe can with an ethernet cable plugged into it. That's NOT wireless. Please return to your IT class and complete the course BEFORE you cotinine passing on conflicting info on behalf of Lutron. Thanks 😉

  2. Titurel

    Please explain: You say the bridge connect to you system and you show it open with area names etc. Just how does it connect to the lutron devices? I don't mean the ipad phone. I mean the switches. Is this automatically perform when you power up device? how do they get labelled?

  3. Chubby Cop

    Cool video.

    Could you answer 3 questions …

    If the bridge looses power does it have a battery backup?

    If the power goes out, or my wifi goes out, how do you control the wireless switches?

    I would imagine the wireless switches have a battery, how long do they last?

    Thank you.

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