EXCLUSIVE: Tesla Model S, 3 and X at Gigafactory 1! – Motor Trend Presents

Go behind-the-scenes with Motor Trend at the world’s first photo shoot of the full line of Tesla vehicles. We have Tesla’s entire range of S3Xy electric vehicles, from the refreshed Model S, to the all-new $35,000 Model 3, to the first-ever Model X SUV – all at Tesla’s ginormous Gigafactory battery production center in Sparks, Nevada.

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  1. Alberto Portugal

    It troubles me that the Model 3 seems to surpass the Model S and Model X in the following ways: the Model 3 is roomier than the S (backseat), the roominess is Model X’s party trick as well, and the price for being better or at the point of both the Model S and Model X respectively is a no-brainer. It troubles me but this is the resolution to it. One is that the Tesla Roadster, the original, was surpassed by the Model S. The Tesla Roadster is not even mentioned. The Model S seems at first to be going down that line and the Model X a little less so thanks to the seven seat configuration, but the market now appears to be more definitively niched. The Model S P100D is one of the fastest cars in the world and the Model X P100D is an SUV with supercar speed. Those are the only cars worth buying. And yet Tesla makes the cars per order and so it doesn’t matter that no person would want to buy a 75 or even 100D of either. They’re supercars. Besides, Volkswagen doesn’t own Rolls Royce by selling Rolls Royce’s, they own that company for selling affordable well made cars. Tesla is now part of that scene. Sidenote, imagine Tesla buys Rolls Royce one day?

  2. Ryan C

    4:17 – 'Across't'

    I know I probably won't come across (hehe) too many linguistics experts in these comments, but what's this tendency caused by? Why does it happen? My dad does this too and it drives me insane.

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