Ex Tesla Army Veteran Now Lives in his Model X

Today we talk to an Army/Tesla Veteran/Extreme swag collector about how he lives in his car

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45 Replies to “Ex Tesla Army Veteran Now Lives in his Model X”

  1. hajikilla91

    This guy was a Clerk in the Army, Called MOLLE military loops..😂😂😂
    And MRE’s are only shelf lifed for 3 years, Sorry!!..🤷🏻‍♂️😂
    Poor kid better not leave that car alone, He won’t have all that SWAG for long.. People are Shit..JS
    I can’t feel bad because this guy owns a Model X with Supercharging for life..???🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. DirtyD23 1

    I got Tesla Yezzys as Collateral. Lmfao. All jokes aside its sad that Tesla laid people off like this kid that were and still are so loyal to the brand. I’m willing to bet that this kid would go back and work for them for free for a couple months if there was a chance of him getting hired back on at the end of it. You can’t buy loyalty like that and it sucks that they let him go cause it’s passion like his that show other people what kind of company you are,that in turn helps them sell more cars. Honestly speaking if I didn’t know anything about Tesla and had someone like him telling me about how great of a car they are I’d probably buy one from him. Tesla needs to hire this man back.

  3. Luis Gonzalez

    If I buy a Tesla, I would have to live in it because I won’t be able to afford to much more. I would love to own one, took a model 3 on a test drive and I loved the experience. Great video.

  4. Christian Arroyo

    This wouldn't be so bad and cringe if the guy just wasn't such a jackoff for Tesla. It's just a company dude, but I respect his choice to live in a car. Seem's like his "house" that he "owns" with his father, was just his dad letting him stay at his house lol. I wish him the best. "Saving" money, while he spends all that extra cash on those "official" Tesla merchandise items.

  5. CosmicMicron

    He worked for 2 years at Tesla and they got rid of him. A hard core Tesla fan. This is how much Tesla gives a shit about their fans. Not at all. Go give them more money now.

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