12 Replies to “Evolution of Video Game Consoles Startups [1983 – 2017] REACTION”

  1. S C

    If you didn’t know from 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, Welcome to the R.E.A.L World is an expression for users from 1995. And for the result it makes them think there brain is in another world. See I mean in 3:41

  2. Glengormleygamer

    Love PS4 but I hate waiting hours for a game to download then another few hours to updats and install.
    The PS2 is also my all time favourite console. I own a slim and 133 games. I don't trust the fat models.
    My 360 has red ringed 5 times and still works after 9 years. Don't ask how I have no clue.
    Thanks for subbing to my channel man means a lot. One step closer to 100 subs and great video as always.

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