Evolution of Video Game Consoles (1947-2100)

This video shows the history and possible future of video game consoles.Video game consoles have changed so much over time, going from simple analog machines to complex and advanced consoles like the Xbox 1 and Nintendo Switch. In fact, there are even consoles that are yet to come. Most of the future video game consoles in this video are made up and are just predictions. Also, lots of the old ones are simply individual video games. If you like this video on the evolution of video game consoles, then be sure to like and subscribe to me for more evolution of technology videos, and other history/future related videos.

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33 Replies to “Evolution of Video Game Consoles (1947-2100)”

  1. Garrystan

    Holograms are kinda obsolete and hard to depict. My prediction is most game will be played telepathically using neuro-technology with the support of VR or screen type platforms.

  2. Eetu The Reindeer

    Lets come back in 2070 and laugh at how wrong this went. Judging from what people in 1980 thought about 2020 people in 2020 might fail pretty bad when judging 2070.

    But technology still progressed from 1980 to 2020 so something must happen from 2020 to 2070. Is it this? Idk. Feels so weird to me at least to have a gaming helmet or gaming glasses. And in 2070 this youtube comment is probably in a news site to show the opinion of a guy from 2021 about 2070. Well lets make this comment more interesting then.

    I believe that by 2070 global warming and pollution are no longer being blasted into the athmosphere at dangerous levels but life is still struggling from what people did before that.
    Vehicles still move on wheels because flying cars just seem like a joke. Perhaps one flying car model is constructed but its never supposed to be revolutionary because of how convenient it is, its just going to be built for fun and only going to sell to a few billionares while regular traffic remains on wheels.
    There's not going to be anything revolutionary about clothing or food. Maybe some jackets that can warm themselves in the winter but still regular jackets are used by majority.
    Electric cars are much more common and. They include about half of civilian traffic.
    Fusion/fission (i dont remember which one already exists and which one is just theorised) exists and there are 1-2 power plants in the world using that newly discovered source of energy.
    Oil was about to end on the planet but the demand for it got much lesser so the few things that still require oil can keep using it without fear of running out of oil.
    Some rich have been in space for fun but space travel still isn't a thing. Some forms of simple life have been found on other planets/moons but the biggest creatures found outside earth aren't even the size of a fly.
    Rockstar says that they might start the developement of gta 6 soon and instead of just graphics, they focus on content too like they used to on san andreas.

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