Evolution of Samsung Tune (2006-2020)

Over the Horizon from Samsung Phones

[Intro] – 00:00

Samsung Tune

(Samsung Tune 2006) – 00:15
(Samsung Tune 2008) – 00:38
(RARE 2010) – 01:06

Over the Horizon

(Over the Horizon 2011) – 01:30
(RARE 2011) – 01:54
(Over the Horizon 2012) – 02:20
(RARE 2012) – 02:46
(Over the Horizon 2013 & 2014) – 03:16
(Over the Horizon 2015) – 04:10
(Over the Horizon 2016) – 04:54
(Over the Horizon 2017) – 05:42
(Over the Horizon 2018) – 06:21
(Over the Horizon 2019) – 07:00
(Over the Horizon 2020) – 08:04

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43 Replies to “Evolution of Samsung Tune (2006-2020)”

  1. Gozi

    We are going Over the Horizon! I love my samsung s4 and the s2 rington is making me cry… it was from my broken S Advance ahhh so much nostalgia! Well thx for reading this comment and have a great day :)!

  2. Roman Brenner

    the intro is the sound when i turn on my samsung from the 2000s i have it cus my sis gave it to me when i was 5 and i have it so i can remember her and i cry every time i hear that sound. edit: my phone is the one with the icon thats a ring in a ring in a ring with a dot in the center and its tilted a bit up thats the icon of my old fliping phone

  3. Giorno Giovanna

    The over the horizon 2015 gives me nostalgia my dad had this ringtone ahh good old scary times when that came on in the night (it scared the heck out of me ok don't laugh) edit: he had it as his alarm for work it was scary at THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!

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