EVO from Autel Robotics: Flight Testing

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In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew test flies the EVO drone from Autel Robotics. After setting up the aircraft by verifying the altitude limit, geofencing and return-to-home altitude, the crew demonstrates how to arm and launch the aircraft. The flight testing includes hovering for GPS position hold, as well as standard and ludicrous mode – the equivalent of sport mode on other drones – for normal and aggressive flying. Next up, the crew tests the forward and rear collision avoidance systems, which work well. The crew provides a sample of aerial video from the EVO, which carries a 4K video camera capable of capturing 12 megapixel stills. They also demonstrate how to change camera settings using the controller and the app, available for Android and iOS devices. The review concludes with a gimbal torture test and a flight endurance test, demonstrating the drone can deliver nearly 20 minutes of flight in a real-world environment.

18 Replies to “EVO from Autel Robotics: Flight Testing”

  1. John s

    I owned the evo and I sent it back too many issues great camera minus the glitching and using the third party app among the tracking that didn't work great which really is no big deal to me but the gimbal glitch and the warnings which you couldn't delete on the left side of the screen would drive you crazy the customer service was good not like DJI customer service sucks but dji make great drones and our number one in the Market so I will stick with DJI

  2. Bill Somrak

    Note: Autel DOES NOT recommend doing a Compass Calibration prior to your 1st flight. They only recommend a compass calibration if you get a warning, and even then, they recommend moving 10-15 feet to another location to see if there might be underground metal or other things causing the calibration to fail. This information provided directly from Autel Tech support.

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