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40 Replies to “EVO Autel Robotics”

  1. Kelvin

    Not much point having a dji with all of these NFZs around……so much easier to fly with an Evo. That's why l am seriously considering them at the moment. No more dji grief for me. l don't care what dji does or makes, l will never buy another dji product.

  2. Don Jansen Eda

    I Love to fly this if i do have a chance..

    Dont have a capable to buy this😔 ofcourse its hard and im not a reach.guy and.if go to buy this long time to make money for having this… Well its ok no problem much as from now i will do is to be happy for myself and also those can afford to buy

  3. Quyết Hồ

    Can I borrow Autel EVO for review on my Youtube channel in Vietnam? I had review Spark and fews other the drones. I see a lot of Dji have sales in Vietnam but can't see your company products.

  4. Stevie Unknown

    I really hope that Autel brings the Evo also to Europe to be a competitor for DJI! I really like the Evo and i hope that we can get the 4k 1 Inch sensor soon as possible for the Evo 🙂 By the way, the Background Music is to loud in the video when the Narrator is Talking. Keep up the good work! Greets from South Germany!

  5. You F'coffee

    Ah well disappointing, looks like I am staying with my bulky phantom; in the end of day if you’re a photographer there is no substitute for sensor size and it seems that both the Autel EVO and the new Mavic are sticking with small sensors. In their present form they are both just expensive toys.

  6. Cogitare

    Is it just me or is this introduction video really bad. They music was not a good choice, NOTHING new that we haven’t seen before on a DJI drone. And on top of that, the voice was a really bad pic. It all became really boring to watch after like 30s. This video definitely don’t give me the hype and feeling that DJIs does.

  7. David Oliver

    There's a lot riding on this, gentlemen. Especially after your failure to produce the camera with 1" sensor as promoted in early 2017. This looks like a beautiful craft and for the sake of your company, who other product I own, I hope the market accepts it.


    Great Quality👍👍👍. My next drone. Please make sure that you App will be support german language. And maybe we can buy the drone via Amazon for germany?!

  9. BadTuna

    We purchased a mavic platinum pro and loving it. However, we still kept our pre-order for the EVO. It will be great to make a comparison between the two drones once we have the Evo in our hands. Hopefully the hype about the Evo performance is worth the wait against the mavic pro. Otherwise, we just lost $1000 that could be used for other DJI products..

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