Everything Wrong With The PS4 Pro In 12 Minutes Or Less

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? No, we don’t hate the PS4 Pro but there are definitely some some things Sony can do better.

This is The Gamer’s list of: Everything Wrong With The PS4 Pro In 12 Minutes Or Less. Do you agree with our list? Are you a hardcore PlayStation fan for life and can argue each and every one of these point? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Script by: Zack Latino

Voice Over by: Michael Neeb

Edited by: Lashan Ranasinghe

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28 Replies to “Everything Wrong With The PS4 Pro In 12 Minutes Or Less”

  1. HOYT filmz

    Why don’t you realize that the ps4 pro is only $100 more than the standard ps4??? You want the ps4, on top of the major cpu upgrade and almost 4K gameplay, streaming, And a major WiFi upgrade, you also want them to have a better mic too? You expect WAY to much for $100. That is why the best Xbox is $500. You are also complaining that there are many games without 4K, WTF do you expect??? That’s like expecting to play Spider-Man on a blackberry. Not a fan of this video

  2. Legend

    You clicked this video stop giving so much hate PlayStation players get so butthurt Xbox players just play the game not look at every spec and cell of the console

  3. Overhang Studios

    I don't even like the vanilla PS4 I'm just tired of overspending that kind of money on digital, and I don't even have WI-FI. But I know that things are changing, so I may get the PS5 in several years but for now, I'm fine with my PS2 and PS3.

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