Everything We Know About the NEXT GEN CONSOLES – PS5, Xbox Two & Nintendo Switch Pro

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Here’s everything we currently know about all the next generation consoles from Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo ahead of E3 this year.

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21 Replies to “Everything We Know About the NEXT GEN CONSOLES – PS5, Xbox Two & Nintendo Switch Pro”

  1. Micheal Soto

    yawn. x box has always had better graphics then sony but not pc nothing new. Microsoft always get somewhat greedy by splitting there tech knowledge between boring console and laptop. windows10, surface should always be a duplicate to xbox gaming but they don't its video game one side console play on another. sony atlease offers crackle and vue, switch aims at kids only but atlease its on the go. sony just rules sexbox has nothing to offer exept specs so what. uncharted is fun for sony only really gta kindom hearts and tomb raider was sony only as well. really video game consoles seem to be working together now they all make money n try taking majority of pc only. its like mocrosoft saids to sony let us have better graphics and you can always have the better entertaining games. then they both tell ninetendo keep your rated g console n wireless remotes who cares.

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