Everything We Know About Samsung’s Foldable Phone

Samsung has been rumored to be working on a foldable smartphone. The Galaxy X, Galaxy F, or Winner could be released as early as 2019. The device is rumored to have a 7-inch display, a folded wallet design, and could cost over $1,500. Senior tech reporter Antonio Villas-Boas explains what we know so far about Samsung’s foldable phone. 


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Following is the transcript of the video:
Tony: One of the most anticipated smartphones of, well, recent memory is Samsung’s foldable phone. Some have their own ideas of what it should be called. We have – one idea was Samsung Winner which I’m personally all about. I like that a lot. I think it should be called the Winner. The other one is called the Galaxy F. And also the Galaxy X, which is the more, you know, widely accepted name for this foldable phone. Now, we know actually that Samsung is indeed working on a foldable phone that comes straight from DJ Koh. Still, we don’t know when to expect it. Probably not by the end of 2018 is my guess. Wall Street Journal came out with a report. They said maybe 2019. That seems a little more likely. One of the reasons why I don’t think it’s going to be coming out this year is because, honestly, there are not a lot of rumors about it. Nothing really concrete that we’re seeing online, and that could mean that the phone isn’t really in production yet. However, we can make some educated guesses. There’s some speculations and we can just have a little fun with our imagination too. Samsung even had a video with a foldable phone in it just a few years ago. That gave a hint at the time that Samsung was indeed working on a foldable phone. That was a few years ago, and the company’s just been sort of, I guess, working on it for this whole time.

Samsung Video: All in a day’s work for Samsung.

Tony: One rumor that has made it so far on the internets. It could have a seven-inch display. And diagonally that is. That’s a pretty big phone, right? Of course, it’s foldable. So, it’s not going to be this huge giant tablet that you’re holding in your hands. You know, you could sort of use it for a while. Close it up like a wallet. And once you’ve folded it up, put it in your pocket, like a wallet. It sounds kind of fragile, right? Kind of breakable. But Samsung very conveniently, very good timing, announced an unbreakable sort of display for smartphones. That would be a good fit, I would imagine, with a foldable phone. Because, I mean, there is another foldable phone out there. It exists. Called the ZTE Axon M. And it’s actually a really interesting phone. And basically, it’s just two phones attached by a hinge in the middle. So, it’s kind of like a book. So, there’s already a foldable phone out there. We’re hoping it’s not it. And we don’t expect that to be the design. Because it does make the phone really thick. I mean the Axon M is just really chunky. It doesn’t inspire the future of smartphones. We’re banking and hoping on the more sort of wallet design. Something else we’re expecting. A large battery. I’m imagining that it would need a pretty significantly large battery to power a seven-inch display. A larger battery means, you know, a thicker phone. A heavier phone too. We are expecting this phone to be expensive. I think it’s gonna be closer to the $1,500 range. And we’re also expecting Samsung to have a very limited release of this. There are a lot of issues that we have no idea about. We just do not know. This is kind of just what we’re expecting and hoping to see. Maybe early 2019. Stay tuned. It’ll be interesting to see if Samsung includes its signature Infinity edge. Maybe they might not include it on the Galaxy Winner. Right? Winner? Make it so, Samsung.

50 Replies to “Everything We Know About Samsung’s Foldable Phone”

  1. Kwame Gh

    Samsung will always lead in smartphone tech. They are always the first to really make an undesirable or ridiculous idea look cool. The Smart watch, the Brick phone size – which Apple now depends on to stay competitive etc. Watch out for propaganda tech blogs and reviews from Apple fan boys and under achieving nerds about how bad it is even though it's not out yet. Some will give it 3 stars even though they haven't seen one yet ….. 3 years from now Apple will be forced (AS ALWAYS) to develop the iFOLD … suddenly all Apple Fanboys will pretend Apple invented the foldable phone …. this shit is just getting old ….
    FYI … I am an Apple fanboy ?

  2. Sophia Shtarbanova

    I remember when cellphones first came into trend and were initially very heavy and bulky. Then manufacturers started making them as small as possible to the point where they could fit into your fist. That is before the smartphones came out. Then screens started getting bigger and bigger. 3 inches was considered HUGEEEE at first. Then 4, 5, 6… and eventually smartphones started reaching the sizes of tablets. Now everyone is going to start trying to make them small again and we are reverting to flip phones eventually. Another proof that the first phones that came out were the best. Long live the mighty Flip Phones! Amen!

  3. Guillermo Martin

    Just saw the reveal, it looks hideous. It’s super thick when folded , who the hell wants that. It looks cheap and not practical. Sorry Samsung, this is not getting you an edge on iPhone…

  4. Brandon M

    I think the idea of a foldable phone sounds pretty dope, but I question the integrity of the screen folding over and over again. That’s a lot of wear on a daily basis. Buddha I think the idea of a foldable phone sounds pretty dope, but I question the integrity of the screen folding over and over again. That’s a lot of wear on a daily basis. Practicability is the other thing. Dope idea like I stated, but is a foldable phone practical in today’s tech world? Or just a cool feature that’s not really needed?

  5. studivan

    All I see with this phone is something that will be broken within a month and cost outrageous money to fix, I mean how many times do you think you can open and close this phone and one drop on the cement will really damage it, this may be worst than the Note 7 fiasco.

  6. H S

    Ppl aren't getting the point. This isn't like ur old flip phone. Here the entire display can be folded. N it's big – a tablet usable as a smartphone.

  7. Pillar Productions

    The "Galaxy Tenfold" is a better name for the device in my personal opinion. I carries on the numerical numbering of their devices, and adds a cleverly tacked on "fold" into the name so if they wanted to continue on with the normal boring phone as a product separate line, and just make a affordable galaxy 10. They could do so, and also have the "Galaxy Tenfold next to it in the product line. Plus tenfold means "Ten times as great." So it's a really cool and clever name i believe I've fabricated for this yet to be product. Then again i believe i have a personal bias. O.o Let me know what you think!

  8. KL Rider

    Finally, the mechanical engineers in the smartphone industry have something to be proud of instead of remaining a sidekick to electronic and software engineers.

  9. noscrub bubblez

    if it does not have a removable and replaceable battery, i'm out. if it needs recharging every 5 days or more im' ok- but not a day less. if they really want to sell these phones, you must respond to the consumer. monolith phones were always out of the question. what took you so long?

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