Everwild – Official Cinematic Trailer | Xbox Showcase 2020

Travel aross a mystical world and become one with nature in this new cinematic trailer from Everwild.

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44 Replies to “Everwild – Official Cinematic Trailer | Xbox Showcase 2020”

  1. Ethan

    From the makers of wildly wacky and zany games like Banjo Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and Diddy Kong Racing comes this super serious game where you do magic with animals and the narrator of the trailer sounds like the narrator of Planet Earth

  2. Brett Hillman

    Positive: art and music look ok from this. Negative: With everything loaded with politics these days, I just want an escape. This doesn't look like one. Instead, it looks like, to enjoy it, I'd have to buy into the global warming/GreenPeace world view, and apparently I couldn't be a white man. Summary: I like to spend my money on things that aren't there to indoctrinate me, that aren't loaded with politics. I need to get away from my every day life and the news and all the hatred and spin. This, to me, feels too skewed on one side of the aisle. I will not buy this.

  3. Forest Hedgehog

    Это потрясающе! Я бы не сказал, что это аватар, скорее всего это ремейк мультфильма "В долине папоротников" от видеоигр!

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