Even Apple doesn't care about the iPhone Xs…

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39 Replies to “Even Apple doesn't care about the iPhone Xs…”

  1. no brah

    Are you serious? Ltt is a joke. You literally talked about auto correct lol and other random shit no phone user cares about.
    Your viewers are sheep and listen to everything you say…through this whole video you just rambled about random fkn shit

  2. Juha Peltoniemi

    Had iPhone 4S, worked as intended, didn't had any problems.. Only when trying to connect to PC, format all. Everytime! And after 2y of usage, updates broke the phone. It was so slow it was annoing, like apple was whispering "Buy new, use too much money on our products, new products are the same but we changed the numeber in the name". Then got OnePlus invite for OP2. When OP5 released, bought that. Few crashes over the years, but solved by restart. Now waiting for OP7.

  3. Steve James

    It’s embarrassing that you waste your time on this when it’s clear your bias and grieving.

    Facial recognition improvement. Best processor in a cell phone A12. Larger screen, more vivid screen. Ergonomic builds into screen. Cameras are on par with competition. Immensely longer battery life than X. More resilient screen/back.

    Think that shows they do care and that you don’t as far as doing any research or presenting an argument. You just kind of suck.

  4. Miaos666

    yo guys, what if… WHAT IF… we just dont buy a new phone each year? and just when the one we have is broken or something happens??? and also WHAT IF we get ok phones overall? rather than the newest scammy phone?

  5. Ne_ La

    But one of my opinions about apple is that it is overpriced and non innovative for like what the last 3 years? But apple has some perks like longer support for older phones. But I’m not a “apple lover” and I’m not a”android hater” and I’m NOT in an “ecosystem” I just have my own opinions.

  6. Ne_ La

    I have an I phone Xs max and que the hate comments but I agree with you but I am not in the “ecosystem” as people call it but I understand your opinion I bought the phone because I thought the specs were good.And some people find the specs crappy but I think the I phone is an alright phone even though it’s hard to swallow for most people. And the notch doesn’t bother me that much.Just my opinion and I understand yours.

  7. MyUsername

    I have been saying for a long time that I bet many people have dropped their Xs Max phones when they are handling the phone with only 1 hand and trying to reach every part of the screen with a 1 hand grip.

  8. Luis Santana

    Fuck you Linus, have fun with your shitty software and only 2 years of updates. You are a fucking lame and I have no idea how you get so famous you fucking midget I’ll drop kick you don’t ever come at my fabulous iPhone, stupid android is trash coming from a long Samsung user, never going back to it??????????????

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