Eve Water Guard Review with Apple HomeKit

Water damage in a home can become a serious issue, so why shouldn’t your smart home be able to tell you about it before the damage gets out of control? With the Eve Water Guard, you can monitor the area around an appliance, pumps, or pipes to make sure you are the first to know when drops of water hit the floor. The Eve Water Guard works with Apple HomeKit and the Eve app. Let’s see if this sensor is a good fit for your smart home.

Eve Water Guard (Amazon): [Amazon]
Eve Extend (Amazon): [Amazon]

What’s a sump pump?


Thanks to Eve for providing the Eve Water Guard for this review free of charge.

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14 Replies to “Eve Water Guard Review with Apple HomeKit”

  1. Brian Bock

    My question on HomeKit and BlueTooth: Do AppleTVs, HomePods, and HomePod minis act as Bluetooth extenders for HomeKit. If one of them is in range will it communicate it to the device acting as your hub?

  2. C-H D

    Great video and great product. <bluetooth and not WIfi is a deal breaker for me.
    I wanted to put it in the attic to monitor the water from the AC unit, but no way I would put a HomePod in the attic with it. 🙂

  3. ModernDayTech

    Good review Eric. I liked my Water Guard too. Kinda pricy but I really like the wire. I was able to put mine around my washer by using a normal 3.5 aux cable running down the wall from the plug and then using the sensor wire only on the floor to get the most sensing area.

  4. nick34377

    A lot of reviews say it has false positive notifications is that the case still you mentioned it was going off and said you’ll talk about this later but never did… does that mean you have experienced similar issues?

  5. Marian Petrides

    The Bluetooth only connectivity is a killer for me. From what I read about earlier versions of this device, BT rendered it unreliable. Plus, if I want to use it where my water heater and clothes washer are located, it will be too far from my router/HomeKit hub to get reliable signal. But I really appreciate seeing what it can do in a more ideal situation. Thanks!

  6. Bradley Reece

    Thanks Eric!

    I think this is a great solution. Way better than putting ‘pucks’ everywhere.

    Had this been released a year ago, when I was still doing the construction/renovation of my basement (because of a hydrostatic water leak), I would have wrapped the entire perimeter of the basement with this detection cord.
    I’d argue that this should be a option offered by home builders on all new home construction.

    Thanks for the content. Quality stuff as usual.

    * Also. Aside from what appeared to be a battery back-up for your sump system, it would be great to see you test some automated monitoring device(s) for the system.

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