EV Revolution Show – 2019 Jaguar I-Pace Impressions

EV Revolution Show – 2019 Jaguar I-Pace Impressions – September 24, 2018

I attended the Jaguar Canada I-Pace Media Launch Event held in Toronto last month and had a chance to spend some time with the 2019 I-Pace!

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31 Replies to “EV Revolution Show – 2019 Jaguar I-Pace Impressions”

  1. redxsage

    The I-Pace seems designed to check all the boxes for people who aren't ME. At least someone's wishes will be fulfilled. That's something, I guess.

    'I-Pace: Not enrirely useless.'

    But probably not the greatest slogan.

  2. Todd Nguyen

    Do you know anything about the Jaguar battery degradation? I know they use flat battery packs vs tesla 18650 and 2170. We have data for Tesla battery degradation and they seems to last very long time. I would assume it would be the same for Jaguar?

  3. fhkazm

    Nice review . I have an IPace HSE on order for December 2018 here in the states. Very excited about the future of electric mobility. Jaguar has done an amazing job designing this vehicle .

  4. James Paul

    Thanks for another great overview Ken, and for sacrificing your time to get behind the wheel for your viewers. ☺️ It's really an impressive and beautiful vehicle and it will be good to see more variety in the EV marketplace as not everyone wants the sparse simplicity and high tech approach of Tesla. I didn't realize that the I-Pace was so close to release in Canada, it will be great to show new and traditional Jaguar customers a modern, premium electric alternative with all the power and torque but no growl! Was the cat on the steering wheel removable, as it would look great on my LEAF? ? It will be interesting to see if they partner with Tesla to share the SuperCharging network at some point, as their lower production volume and premium positioning may be a good fit.

  5. Paul Gracey

    What I noticed is the similarity in power, price and the "almost one pedal drive" that the Tesla Performance Model 3 has as well. The Tesla doesn't have the ground clearance, and the height of the iPace probably gives it a view forward that the SUV crowd it aims for will appreciate. The Tesla not having a binicle display in front of the driver does give a good view of the immediate front that has a similar quality in a much more aerodynamic package. The iPace will please those who really use the SUV functions, and the Tesla is a superior long distance road car. I write this having just completed a 9000 mile (15000 km) tour around the USA in my Long Range Model 3.

  6. Marshal Giggleman

    Nice looking, and I hope they sell boatloads. However, I'd like it somebody could ask straight up "You say it's the new way forward, but what is your ramp strategy? How soon are you planning on phasing out gas/diesel? You brag about building cars for over 100 years, but I've heard the plan is to make 20k/year. That's like 1 month of Model 3 production. Are you in production hell? Are you struggling to build more than 20k/year? Just wondering."

  7. D R-K

    If this is the gateway through those who are brand loyal will convert to an EV then great…Let's just get more EV's on the road and in the next 15 years with the last ICE rolls off the line we can rejoice as laws passing to ban then will have started. It's the early days of a monumental societal change. Let's just get it done.

  8. JeffnReno

    Great video and the coverage was fantastic. I still love my Model 3 and wouldn't trade for this car but do really think they are on the right path for the consumer and the planet. The camera system is impressive and it is the one feature that I miss when going between my Nissan Rogue SL to my Tesla. Maybe someday they will OTA update to a similar experience since they have just recently activated all the external cameras. Completely agree with your comment on the CUV categorization of this vehicle and hope when Tesla starts producing the Model Y it will be in a style close to this minus the grill look. If Jag ever expects to come close to Tesla appeal on this continent they will need a charging infrastructure comparable to the supercharger network. Good job Ken and we welcome all EVs that will join the move away from fossil fuels.

  9. Kuth70

    Not to nitpick…. well yeah.. I'm gonna nitpick…. my Model 3 has a fully powered steering wheel and this Jaguar doesn't????? This car will most likely be north of $80,000 US. I'd expect it to be loaded with features no one has ever heard of and more.

    I will say that I covet the 360 camera and it annoys me to no end that Tesla hasn't added that to their software yet. We all know the hardware is there.

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