20 Replies to “Episode 17 Sony LCD TV Repair”

  1. mike martinez

    I have a sony braviaKDL46S2010 after watching the set for awhile it willgo black with no snd. what I do is press menu on the remote click external inports and click onto the input I was watching.it is as it forgets what input its using.It will do sparadically.Can u give me any ideas as towhat to check or get aschematic.Your help would greatly be appreciated,thank you. mike m12241@juno.com

  2. Frank Silva

    Hi Evione; Update on KDL46S4100, i got the new T-con Board and installed same stripe on the screen,don't you think i'm screwed Panel is bad?now i have all good boards parts for this model and no screen panel?, what a bad luck

  3. Frank Silva

    Thanks for your great video; i 've got this LCD SONY KDL46S4100 that i found on the streets and i'm trying save it from going to landfill,
    i need your expertise,
    the symptoms; powers up, has steady green led ,with back-lite on ,no pic or sound,already changed A board no change,
    i have all supply volts, I tested power board i have at CN 301 the 12 V, 6.5 V, and 3.3 V, CN 302 stand by 3.3v,also
    T-CON White fuse FP1 (3A) to the left of the LVDS connector CN1 i have the 12v.

    i tested the CN1 plug ,when i pull in and out one side and wiggle it i had noise/raster and for a second, it seems like some thing is short,hope it's not the LCD,what you guys think, and can you please advice,i hate to send this set to the land fill.

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