Epic wake-up using Philips Hue and Home Assistant

See my blog entry on how to set this up:

This automation saves me $400+/year!

I am addicted to snoozing on alarms in the morning. In the mornings, I can either walk 30 minutes into the office, or I can rush to the bus stop about 7 minutes away and catch an 10 minute bus. This choice getting left to be made by the sleepiest version of myself is no good– Having this gentle but forceful wake-up has stopped me from hitting snooze until the last minute

Over time, taking the bus adds up. Bus far is $2.35, so saving 4 trips/week for 48 weeks, that’s $451.20 back in my pocket! Fuck yeah!

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  1. helix169

    In the first second or so, it looked like it flashed white before changing to red. Does it do that every time? That initial flash looks like it would be a rude awakening for a light sleeper unfortunately.

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