Elon Musk Calls Audi e-tron a "turd"

During Tesla’s shareholder meeting Elon Musk has managed to ruffle some feathers calling Audi e-tron a turd. Let’s talk about it as I take your questions and comments during the LIVE stream!

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36 Replies to “Elon Musk Calls Audi e-tron a "turd"”

  1. Philippe Venet

    Étron really means a turd, and not the small one, but the big brown rolled on itself like the one you could sculpt in a forest.
    Beautiful image.
    Can't imagine nobody noticed in Ingolstadt, for 110 millions french speakers in the world , that this car is named " Audi big stinky shit" !?

  2. Roger Dottin

    Audi made a great car compared to most cars, but as expected they didnt commit to mass produce it. And that's what Elon and consumers dont like.
    Where is the charging network?
    All they had to do is partner with Tesla.

  3. David Bittner

    I suppose if you give a toss about Km per KW/h, yeah relevant, but numbers indicate the RANGE for the e-tron is 10 Km better than the model X ( based on the last set of numbers I saw, which were probably published before the most recent Tesla upgrade).

  4. Mikkel Nielsen

    Am I the only one who saw one video from this guy and now gets spammed by YouTube to watch his subpar videos?
    Every single video of yours is a 1-2 minute video blown up to around 10 minutes.

  5. Jonathan Marmen

    You can have a great ad about a shit product, there were wonderfull publicities about cigarette and we know that's a really bad product. Marketing of a product and its development are not the same thing. And to be fair, etron is not the only name which sounds terrible in french. The Buick LaCrosse Avenir when said in Québec French sounds like you say "the scam to come" lol I prefer e-tron in that case. And etron is for electron by the way.

  6. future Programmer

    At the beginning of the video you said customers don't care about battery efficiency. What r you talking about that's one of the most important aspects of electric cars is the battery range/efficiency/cost

  7. Star Man

    Come on man you can't be serious. They are last on the list for goodness sake. He's got a superior product. E-tron is last on the list, they must pick up their socks. They named their car a turd. Elon has a peculiar sense of humour. He just couldn't help himself.

  8. jonfklein

    As an engineer myself, I think I understand Musk's statements about Audi. Musk wants to make the transition to electric cars a reality and he values quality engineering towards accomplishing that goal. So on the one hand he complimented something that Audi did that he thought was good, the advertisement for the e-tron. But on the other hand he criticised them for poor engineering that resulted in the inferior efficiency of the same vehicle.
    By the way, the efficiency is quite important, and I think it is important to customers even if they don't realize it. Better efficiency translates to shorter charge times, smaller batteries, and lower electricity costs.

  9. Tom Blog

    Let's be clear, "étron" is the name of a dogs shit in French, a turd, a dookie etc. Audi headquarters is smart enough to check what will mean the name of their cars in the rest of the world. Smart enough but not enough smart for their market in France and for the joke this is going to produce all over the world. Musk is just making fun of the stupidity of Audi team 😎

  10. Andrew Pfalzer

    Nothing wrong with calling the E-tron what it is. Sure it’s great Audi made an electric car but the E-tron was a half hearted attempt and will likely be discontinued in a year or two. If that triggers you you need to get a life. Quit trying to stir up controversy where there is none.

  11. Robert Smith

    Given the cost of a battery pack the number of miles you get per kwh is important because it affects the selling price of the car big time. Audi's decision to make the E-Tron look like any other brick shaped SUV means that the aerodynamics are poor and I suspect this is largely to blame for the inefficiency.

  12. Ray Johnson

    alex, you are wrong we are concerned on efficiency of the cells, because if a 18650 from tesla can offer e.g. 3450 mah at 7 amps why would we take a 3000mah at 7 amps in the same package its means we can use less cells for the same capacity which equals less weight per pack

  13. Butch Bailey

    I like Elon commenting on Etrons name and problems with a bit of swagger! For now he is the Gold Standard in the industry. He has pioneered the modern Fully Electric Car and is continually making improvements in battery technology, motors, over the air updates, andAutonomous Driving.! Look at all the suppliers and AI WIZARDS he has kicked to the curb before stealing Jim Keller as VP of autopilot hardware engineering from Apple.If this was easy, Audi should not be having problems?
    Alex , I want to take You to task for over hyping BYTONS GURUS stating they have done this before. WE WILL SEE, THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING YET insinuating they won’t be having Production Hell experienced by TESLA.

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