Electric Motor: Model S, Tesla Motors

About the motor and drive train in the Model S sedan. 4 pole 3 phase induction motor. 290 kilowatt motor. The Tesla Model S beats all other cars in its class for power to weight ratio. This car is a great example of the potential of electric cars.

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  1. Sachin Shinde

    For last 15 i am working with CNC's best we could have in manufacturing, the technology on which teslas business depends. I am no critisizer of electricity because in past i was also involved in electric motor manufacturing.
    But I have some questions.
    Somewhere i heard that these motors can run upto 15000 RPM to reach that speed needed frequancy for app. 300 hearts & voltage of 2200 so at what temperature motors are working?
    Secondary once I have seen technician losing a finger accidentally for touching bus bar when machine was powered down. The reason we come to know that there is capacitor roughly 600 ml water bottle size was holding power. So in case of accident what are chances of survival as electricity tends to discharge in blink of eye?

  2. Harry Conover

    Please could I have the rpm the moter in Tesla runs at I estimate 17,000.00 RPM this is then stepped down by your one Speer transmission it looks like about 10:1 so max speed to the wheels is 1,700 with with my math gives a max speed of 127 mph do you agree ?

  3. Draco Mass

    And I think you should make a very affordable car and Corner the market think about it if you had to sell everybody on the planet of car he clean up put everybody out of business make a cheap car and then put charge ports everywhere clean up

  4. Draco Mass

    Me too bro!! I think if people seen charging areas like at the gas station he has sell a lot of them boys cuz I think people just scared of where I'm going to charge my car up at

  5. Fluffs Ipad

    I think batteries need to be cleaner in the manufacturing stages and cleaner recycling stages and last more than three or four years. H2 power cell or standard engine with biofuels or h2 is better for the earth than batteries and chemicals in landfills. Look at third world countries cleaning up the e-waste we make and tell me how he is saving the earth when cars like the new 911 the air cleaner going out than in. Look up earth magnetic pole shift please. But global warming is a good marketing scam to get money for research and get you to buy new junk that won’t last so you can sent to a landfill.

  6. seaplaneguy

    Actually the torque is flat to around 2300 rpm and then drops making the power (Votage X current)_go constant to 80 mph and then drops again.

    The reason a gas car needs gears is two fold. 1) You have to work the engine by opening the throttle more and the only way to do this is to lower the speed for a given hp. The effective compression ratio drops when you throttle and therefore the efficiency drops if you don't work it. This is easy to see on a BSFC graph. By lowering the speed with gears you work it, thus maintaining efficiency. The power pulses also limit the lower end of the speed range to around 500 rpm for 8 cyl, 800 for 6 cly and 1200 for four cyl. 2) the normal aspiration (no turbo) starts to starve for air at around 5300. The structure is also limited to the 6000 rpm to save weight.

    Drag racer and motorcycles can do 12,000++ rpm. Any "bullet bike" can do this. But again, you have to work it to use to get efficiency. The Tesla can maintain efficiency by maintaining best slip rate. In essence it has a variable transmission inside and does not have reciprocating motions.

    That said there is a way to do much better than a Tesla in an IC engine that can also run on electricity if needed. Working on it. The typical IC engine will not work. A distributed power system would afford Natural Gas at 1/9the cost of electricity and battery. Working on it. Could make electricity at 2.6 cent/kw-hr from solar thermal and 5.5 on NG Could get 80-90% of the fuel out of the system much quicker than electrics….why? Renewables….. Tesla just transfers it to the coal plant.

    This new engine would have small package like Tesla and all wheel drive without connection like Tesla does. In the size of the motor and inverter of Tesla I could have 600 hp that could run up to 12,000 rpm and maintain efficiency if so desired. Clearly old IC engines cannot do this, but that is not what i am saying. The cost is a fraction of what a Tesla would cost…. Again, if you want to cut fuel by 80-90% and do so fast, what I am suggesting will do it.

    Grid fuel (electricity) is very expensive. 12 cents/kwh is $4/gallon. Battery…$4/gallon equiv. $8/gallon plus road tax of 4 cents/mile….Total fuel cost for a Tesla is actually $12/gallon. Mine will be $1/gallon, and when I fly it is 12:1 in costs.

  7. ananinamigariyaw2

    What is phase inductance of those motors? I've read that it is around 500 uH somewhere. Is it right? How can it be possible that having so small phase inductance for such powerful electric motor? Can anyone address this issue?

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