Electric Chevy Bolt Promises Long Range, Low Price | Consumer Reports

Chevrolet showed off its all-electric Bolt at CES 2016, and our quick drive shows there is a lot to be excited about: 200-mile range, cutting-edge safety features, and a roomy interior, all for about $30,000.

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35 Replies to “Electric Chevy Bolt Promises Long Range, Low Price | Consumer Reports”

  1. john endsley

    why did the reporter try to mislead us about the Tesla s price and range? the modal s p100d has an EPA range of 300+ miles and starts at around 95,000. You can get the P70 with 230 miles epa or P85 for 80000usd and still have well over 275 miles.
    If you are going to report for consumer Reports tell the truth.

  2. NoSunBeach

    Features/Options I would be most interested in  1. If you could run AC or Heater overnight while parked with lights off  2.  If you could run the interior power, AC or Heater from a wall outlet directly while charging. 3. Fold flat front passenger seat.  4. 10year warranty on the battery and the promise of cheap (less than $2000) battery upgrade after 5 years.   We are not there yet, but the promise we should be striding for is 80% charge in 15 minutes using a rapid charger without degrading the battery.

  3. Jay Biv

    My problem with the car is this, a normal car that size cost between $17,000 to $22,000. How does Chevy justify the other $15,000?! The battery doesn't cost that much. It should maybe add another $5000 to the price of the car to make it an ev, but that is it!

  4. blackvr4tt

    Chevy has a real winner with the Bolt, 200 mile range for approx $30k! Time for GM to fully get behind it and invest in a true marketing campaign like they do with other popular models.

  5. Capt Larry -

    And Yet.. you don't even include the Leaf in your listings of used cars.. as if it wasn't actually a car.    The leaf is proven, progressively refined and bullet proof.  WTF.GM cannot make a car that can go up/down a hill and turn simultaneously… why should we get excited about this ugly puss bucket ? did you not notice it is Butt Ugly.

  6. Danz

    The car is nice but the way Consumer Reports compares it Tesla Model S looks rather unprofessional. Is it only me who thinks that Consumer Reports at some point started to be having a bad mood about Model S or Tesla in general ?!

  7. hellcat1988

    That was a serious misrepresentation of the tesla. The cheap one only has about a 200m+ range, but it's not "nearly $100K" as you said. The upper range larger battery telsa does cost nearly that, but it's closer to 250+ to 300+ miles of range for that depending on your driving style.

  8. JC Journey

    can't wait to see what second gen Nissan Leaf will be. the auto makers all know the battery price is dropping like crazy and basically you can make a Corolla 200 miles range for $20000 by the time 2025 and still make profit.

    EV is much cheaper to make if you don't the count the battery price. there is only ONE moving part. the motor.

    can't wait until that time. you can pay $40000 to have a car like Model S. 1G acceleration.

  9. Mladen Milić

    I like long wheelbase in this car. In most compact cars rear legroom is terrible, mostly with tall driver.
    What I do not like is rear visibility, small rear windows and poor rear headroom. I would trade 10 miles of range for more rear headroom.

  10. Ji F.

    How does this compare with the Chevy Spark EV power, range, and price wise? Is this car like the Spark made in Korea? The Spark does have a very notable 400 foot pounds of torque. I wish the Spark EV was more widely available.

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