Electric Car Charging, How long does it REALLY take?

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22 Replies to “Electric Car Charging, How long does it REALLY take?”

  1. Brucec 95

    Update: Tesla has been installing Version 3 Super Chargers since late 2019 which do not share power between stalls (so not numbered 1A, 1B etc) and can charge up to 250 KW.

  2. Aaron Williams

    I drove a Leaf and Tesla Model 3 for about 2 years using just the 120 Volt outlet. I just charged all day long at work, and if I drove more than normal, I charged all night at home, lol. I recently installed a 60 amp circuit for quicker charging, but I'm still just using the mobile connector so I"m not seeing max charge rate.

  3. Wes Johnston

    In simple terms, I tell people with a proper charger at home, it takes 2x as long as you drove it to refill. For example, if you drive 30 minutes into town, it takes 60 minutes to top off. It is full every morning.

  4. Jimmy Andersson

    This is so stupid! 😱😱😱 I use a fuelhandle that is the same no matter what fuel station I use and 2 min later I have full "charge" and I can drive another 500miles! And is the station broken? I drive just another mile and I find a new station and I get another 500miles in 2 min with my petrol driven car. No adapters or diffrent fuel speed. It's really idiotic to have no regulated standard by law. That's why i probably never will by a electric car. My 20 year old Saab will probably run for another 20year and my 50 year old Oldsmobile will also run for another 50 years..😊👍👍👍can anyone say the same on their electric cars? I don't think so.. so it will only pile up on the junkyards and become a environmental liability.

  5. Mighteer

    so how about just ONE standart and go with that, wouldnt that be neat. even if you dont need all the pins and fluff just have that fit and be fine. You dont see gas cars having their own nozzle because it fills your car up faster or because reasons. figure that out but until then i drive my gas cars

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