Electrek Podcast: Tesla Semi scares diesel industry, Tesla fires, several new EV prototypes, more

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including Tesla Semi scaring the diesel industry, a few new ‘Tesla fires’, several new electric vehicle prototypes are unveiled, and more.

Read stories here:
Tesla Semi is not impressing the diesel truck industry, ‘where’s the proof?’, they say
Tesla fires:
A Tesla Model S caught on fire on the highway after ‘hitting a component’ that fell off a truck
Tesla Factory structure caught on fire in Fremont [update: fire now extinguished]
Tesla’s deliveries grew 139% in California, resulting in a massive amount of ZEV credits
Tesla says labor hours have decreased by 30% on Model 3 production, reportedly had to ‘rework’ most cars in record week
Tesla Gigafactory 1 now employs over 3,000 workers as it becomes biggest battery factory in the world
Tesla starts expanding its massive solar array at Gigafactory 1
Tesla expands solar roof tile installations to the Northeast
Jaguar confirms production of all-electric version of the E-type with I-Pace technology
Hyundai Kona Electric gets official EPA range of 258 miles and efficiency of 120 MPGe
Audi unveils new all-electric supercar prototype with solid-state batteries, 570 kW power and 800-volt charging system
Infiniti unveils new daring all-electric speedster car prototype
Kalashnikov unveils an electric retro-looking car, claims it competes with Tesla
Q-Yachts wants to be ‘Tesla of the Seas’, delivers first all-electric day cruiser yacht
Ford recalls 50,000 charging cables delivered with its electric vehicles due to fire risk

22 Replies to “Electrek Podcast: Tesla Semi scares diesel industry, Tesla fires, several new EV prototypes, more”

  1. Denali Backcountry Guides

    I know how you feel about the delayed delivery. Mine was delayed and I had moved to Alaska! I am happy to tell you that Tesla came through and delivered the car to me in Healy, Alaska. No other company would have done that. It hurts, but I know they will get it to you, you will be very happy with it, and you will pay full price. I kinda miss the anticipation. Hurts so good!

  2. Jay Pase

    I ordered P3D on June.26th red multicoat w/ white interior. I've not received a delivery date or any kind of heads up that "my car" is going to be built. I did notice that Tesla account page changed to say the projected delivery date for my car is "By October 2018"

  3. Todd R. Lockwood

    Guys, the titanium plate that protects the Model S battery is located in front of the battery, not underneath it. It is positioned vertically to protect the nose of the battery from impacts with foreign objects coming in from the front. The underside of the battery is heavy gauge aluminum.

  4. Brandon Fouts

    NOT all battery "chemistries" catch fire from punctures.
    AND perhaps pouch batteries don't catch fire? IS THAT CORRECT??
    Bond movies often use Austin Martin? Spectre's Jag C-X75. google for other brands

  5. Brandon Fouts

    WA state PSE buying from 120 MW solar farm and selling on to customers for $0.047 per kWh

    PSE gave sales pitch to our town to sign up – on the too good to be true side of the story is the power company promises to only increase rates at 2% per year (why? they can't justify nor explain why, I asked them) anyway seems no problem to get WHOLESALE prices below $0.05/kWh from both PV solar or wind.

  6. Dave MIlke

    Make no mistake, I am in good company when I say that I am a huge fan of Tesla. That said I think it is important to include those topics and stories which may not show tesla in its best light within your show.
    For what it's worth I think that you both have done a great job at bringing the appropriate level of balance to bear with respect to all your topics, tesla included. Keep up the great work guys.

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