ecoTEC 28: Tesla Semi Truck AND 1.9 sec Roadster

Tesla Semi, Roadster ++ and MUCH MUCH MORE!

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Tesla Semi Truck Revealed (0:43)
Tesla Roadstar 2+ (2:16)
BMW Renewable Committment (3:32)
VW $12 Billion EV Committment (4:22)
Farraday Future is Tata (5:12)
ecoWHOLESALE (6:00)
Nikola Hydrogen Trucks (6:30)
Renault Nissan Volume Push (7:30)
Terrafugia Flying Car (8:20)

9 Replies to “ecoTEC 28: Tesla Semi Truck AND 1.9 sec Roadster”

  1. John Wilson

    Ha! I'm a Kiwi and I've spent thousands of hours over the last 10 years watching videos about EV's… but wasn't even aware that Ecotricity NZ was sponsoring this show. I've now subscribed. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. Kevin CCIE

    TESLA SEMI INTERIOR was designed by WALMART – the first company to announce 15 orders from Tesla. WHY? Look at this video from Walmart –
    Walmart Already tried to do a clean energy semi truck but found out it was too expensive to bring to the market. So what did they do – THEY ASKED TESLA TO BUILD ONE with the same interior concept for the trucking mass market.

  3. Bo McGillacutty

    One of the chief problems with "flying cars" is they will be inherently compromised for BOTH tasks–they will not only be one of the most expensive 'cars' on the road but about the worst in every respect. And they will be mediocre aircraft at best even while much more expensive than most private pilots can contemplate. Some bad ideas never seem to die.

  4. dlwatib

    Kudos to Faraday Future for finding the capital to continue toward production. No such luck so far at Lucid.

    No kudos to BMW for continuing to burn stuff. It may not be fossil fuel, but burning chicken poop and cow pies is not cleaner than fossil fuel. Some of the most polluted places on the planet are third world nations that burn dung for fuel.

    Nikola is going to find that they can't compete with 7 cents per kWh, which Tesla is guaranteeing at its megachargers. MIT estimates that it takes three times as much electricity to electrolyze water into hydrogen than it does to run a BEV directly. There is a reason why Elon declared hydrogen dead on arrival.

    Renault Nissan needs to flesh out the details of its announcement before we get too excited. We've seen what happens between the design concept and the real product with the current Nissan Leaf. It wasn't just the range and the lack of active thermal management that was disappointing. We were promised an all new platform with super-sexy styling and what we got was a less warty frog. The platform was merely warmed over, not "all new" at all, and gone were the super sexy lines of the concept car.

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