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  1. Rudy Anduze Jr.

    My Honeywell control board allows me to adjust the length of heat dissipation up to 180 seconds, but there is more heat left in the system according to my heat gun. The ecobee 3 lite allows me to adjust the heat dissipation time but even with it set to have the ecobee control
    the system, (vs the HVAC) it still only runs 180 seconds regardless of the heat dissipation time set on the ecobee. Is there a way to disable
    the honeywell dissipation time to allow the ecobee to adjust that time? Thank You

  2. Rizwan Rafeek

    @Tec Tube

    How do you set the Ecobee4 to starts the blower alone humidification?
    There were instances where, my house temperature was in desired temperature, however humidity was low and so I am wondering whether or not, anyway Ecobee4 can starts the humidifier alone with blower, without furnace fire kicking in?

    Long story but in short version.
    I bought Aprilaire 600 humidifier and installed it along with its humidistat model 60 came with it. I ended up removing the humidistat model 60, due to there is 10 degree difference in reading between my former Honeywell wifi thermostat and Aprilaire 60 humidistat, which resulted in humidifier never kicked in, when humidification is needed.
    In Aprilaire humidistat model 60 has an option to kick start humidification just with blower alone, without furnace fire kicking in and it is called "Blower activation".

  3. jpthsd

    I don't have humidifier and was told by support that if you don't have the humidifier and you wanted to do AC Overcool Max, you have to turn on Dehumidify use on AC, I did that and enable it at 56%,,

    Only purpose to use the smart thermostat is to save $$ otherwise the AC kept running like 12hr a day! $550 electric bill for me this month!

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