Ecobee3 vs Ecobee3 Lite vs Ecobee4

In this video I compare the three Ecobee thermostats.

To buy any of these thermostats, click on the links below:


Ecobee3 Lite


The comparison is split into different sections with easy read charts.

To move between the different sections, click on the times below.

[1] Basic Specifications 1:20
[2] Warranty, Power and Connection 2:33
[3] Screen & Audio Features 3:43
[4] Energy & Weather 4:58
[5] HVAC Compatibility 5:40
[6] Programming 6:32
[7] Remote Access 8:02
[8] Home Automation 9:02
[9] Ratings and Reviews 9:28

13 Replies to “Ecobee3 vs Ecobee3 Lite vs Ecobee4”

  1. Seth Bade

    So many complaints about video length and pacing! Just skip ahead in the video to each different table, it will tell you everything you want to know. I just saved you so much time and, potentially, a whiny comment about how long the video is!

  2. Andrea Bates

    Thank you so much! I wish that there where reviews for everything like this! I see the comment below says you are long and boring, but what does he expect from comparing the same brand thermostats lol. You made it so easy and laid it out so well that I could skip through and get all the information I was looking for and I never felt like I missed anything. Keep it up! You just saved me more than $50! Thats in a matter of minutes!

  3. Simanta Pathak

    here is one important piece of information: when making a video always focus on user experience. make it user centered. this video was good, but I didn't watch it and moved to another. why? cause its too slow and the important points were not discussed quickly. people don't have time to keep waiting.. sorry

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