Ecobee3 Smart HomeKit Thermostat w/Remote Sensors for Smart Homes – [Review]


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  1. Ali Ali

    Let's say if i have 2 sensors, one in the living room and one in the bed room, can i make it work on only the living room and turn it of on the bed room? I mean no air blowing in the bed room !! One of the YouTubers mentioned that it is possible but I forget who was that

  2. Cactus Tweeter

    Andrew are you still using Ecobee3? I'm getting a new furnace and AC. I chose to go with Ecobee3 Lite because I am all about HomeKit. I did not need or want Ecobee4. Anything I should know about other than what you indicated in this video?

  3. joyce weatherford

    Im thinking of using this, instead of having the thermostat moved, as moving the thermostat is not an option. Can I use the sensor for100 percent control? shutting of the main unit sensor? or is there a better product?

  4. B Baker

    Contact Ecobee for any questions. Their Customer Service is excellent. I supplied them with my existing wiring diagram and they replied with a wiring diagram to install the unit as I needed to wire in the PEK (Power Extender Kit). I have the Ecobee 3 Lite which is satisfactory for our condo.

  5. KiwiBeats

    But how does this handle multi zone heating systems? I have one heater, with two zones (two floors), and then they're each separated into rooms for heating a cooling. The Ecobee wouldn't be able to control individual rooms through that would it? If it can't then what's the point… I read on the website that it just tries to average out the temperatures to the ideal ones for the rooms that are occupied. That's less precise that per-room heating right?

  6. Rob Kahla

    Does anyone know if you can have 2 ecobee thermostat's paired to your phone and HomeKit at the same time? Curious how that would work with the watch app and also the application on the phone, if it can be setup to select each thermostat separately? Our house has 2 central AC units, a 4 ton that is for most of the house, and a 2 ton for the master suite.

  7. Ahavabnachenu

    what about a simple gas boiler with radiators throughout the 3 floor house running hot water system with 2 wires black and white 24v system in a northern climate temp fluctuation in the basement can be 10/ lower than main floor and house is empty?

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