Ecobee Thermostat – More Natural Voice Commands with IFTTT

Ecobee Voice commands on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are good but they aren’t great. So this tutorial will show you how to use IFTTT with Ecobee to make the Ecobee Thermostat easier to command with voice.

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2 Replies to “Ecobee Thermostat – More Natural Voice Commands with IFTTT”

  1. Mitesh Shah

    Another great way to use IFTTT is with geofencing. If you don't have a regular work schedule you can set it so that once you leave work, your thermostat can be set to home and when you leave home it can be set to away. If you guys want to me to make a video on that let me know.

  2. Mike Broom

    I use this method for everything. I probably have 30+ set up just so that I can control how the GH answers me. Instead of "OK, turning on your living room lights" it just says "done"

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