Ecobee Switch Plus review: An Alexa light switch with shortcomings

The new Ecobee Switch Plus features built-in sensors for motion, temperature and ambient light, and you can even use it to talk to Alexa.
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Ecobee’s smart switch adds in Alexa, plus a few shortcomings:

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13 Replies to “Ecobee Switch Plus review: An Alexa light switch with shortcomings”

  1. Timmy Joe PC Tech

    There are 3 key short comings with that mustache… #1 Tom Seleck wants it back #2 You're not giving me a mustache ride #3 They don't make a "smart" white van so you won't be able to automatically steal children by offering them smart candy.

  2. Y T

    Question: what smart switches that WORKS with 3-way wiring and is remotely decent? I have lutron and you have to close the loop on all but one switch point. Please advice.

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