Ecobee and Echo pull the CNET Smart Home away from the Nest

Read the CNET review here –
Better voice controls prompt us to change our thermostat of choice for the CNET Smart Home.

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  1. John Davids

    If you don't have your phone on you, why wouldn't you use that Macbook to access the Nest Web Client? I understand you are just painting a picture of why someone might need standalone voice commands for the Nest, but could you not have an alternative literally sitting in your lap? 🙂

  2. Andre Baldwin

    When I first bought the ecobee 3 it was for the ability of the remote sensor so that the thermostat "tracks" you and keeps you comfortable throughout the house because the sensor monitored temp and motion. This thermostat also does away mode if there's no motion on the remote sensor or the thermostat itself. It also learns your patterns after initial setup. I live in West Palm Beach FL and I try not to run the ac as much and this thermostat manages to keep my humidity around 65 and my condo around 74 while saving me about 15 %. The touchscreen makes setup very easy and is easy to read in any light. The integration with echo is amazing. My whole condo is automated. I decided to go this route because I'm a disabled veteran and it's difficult for me to always have to stand and walk so alexa has become one of the family.

  3. Phil Turner

    Hey pipe down! Yes it's a first-world problem but we're also in the First World. So if I pay a few hundred bucks for a thermostat and a hundred more for Amazon Echo, then dangit, it oughta work the way I want it to work!

  4. veryous

    but Google/Amazon just announced integration with the Nest at the end of March. This also isn't realistic for us normals to just ditch a couple hundred bucks for a thermostat for a whole other setup.

  5. Aaron Chau

    Well you already have your laptop in hand. Just head over to to change the temperature. Also, Nest works with Google now/Google Search so you can use voice commands without having to buy an additional piece of hardware (Echo).

    As you can tell, I have a nest but I find the Ecobee's full touchscreen and sensors really cool.

  6. Carlos Davalos

    Damn! For those of you people insulting the guy and talking about just getting up and turning down the thermostat. This video is to show off the product so that the consumer can have another option. I think it's great to have the ability to change your house environment without having to get up. People aren't gonna get fatter cuz they don't get up to turn down their thermostat. These things are helpful if you're busy or if you're hands are full. What if you're half asleep but feel cold.
    Having that extra option to make adjustments to the temperature with voice is a good step into the future. I don't think you guys think the same about car remotes or tv remotes. You guys probably don't say those are useless. They all make life easier because they allow us to have another method of doing things.
    And is calling this guy names really gonna get your point across? He's doing his job in reviewing this product so that all of us can get a preview of the product.

  7. Zachary F

    Voice control is cool, but they are giving the impression that Nest is cumbersome to use by showing him going through all the trouble, acting as if it's like the hardest thing in the world to program it without your phone (which most people already have with them 90% of the time) instead of walking 10 feet to change it manually. They also never mentioned any other features and how it stacks up to the Nest otherwise. I'm starting to loose more trust in Cnet everyday, I smell an ad.

  8. Lux Elliott

    Ah, the youtube comment section. I'm hoping there will one day be an age verification system that's required before each post. Similar to the "prove you're not a robot" but more like, "prove you're not a 13 year old boy".

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