Ecobee 4 Install

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29 Replies to “Ecobee 4 Install”

  1. Jeff Cameron

    If it was not black I would have bought it. No way my wife would go for it. So we bought the Honeywell Smart Thermostat. It works great but no statistics nor sensors.

    I should have manned up and bought it anyway. After thirty five years she would have forgiven me. LOL

  2. JEEP AZ

    Good video!! 1)BUT make sure you turn off the tstat or shut the AC breaker off
    2) make sure when you remove the back plate. HOLD THE WIRES(they might fall inside the wall. then you're gonna have to cut some drywall)

  3. RD204

    You might want to turn the power off at the panel, …some boilers, heat pumps and air conditioning systems have sensitive electronics that could get damaged (fried) in the event of a mis-wired or short circuit situation.

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