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  1. Marco Candia

    your video tutorial is good but its incomplete,..because i have a sony bravia that's no standby led indication, but 3.3v is present, and the ps-on (3.3v) is present too, it means my mainboard is good because 3.3v present in the ps-on and 3.3v standby voltage,….i replace new power supply,..and now its working…..

  2. nick fassett

    I have a Vizio TV that went out during a storm. TV has no backlight, or picture (not sure about sound but I don't hear anything). Fuse is good and the 24v is good coming from the power board. I'm not sure about the standby but assuming it's good am I looking at a main board replacement?

  3. Celestino Gomez

    can you answer this please, the tv i try to fix have the almost the same trouble but the red light do not blink, also in the power board make a clicking sound, all capacitor look good no bump

  4. izo kim

    Hi Tampatec, I got a SONY KDL42W800B which has back light but no pictures. Upon turning it on, it powers on and make and produce the sound for about 3 seconds and then stop but still on black screen. First indication from approved sony repair shop indicated cracked screen. There is however no physical evidence nonesoever. The cost of fixing was just too high and am not sure if i trust their diagnosis. I tried to open it but after removing all screws the first half cover won't come out even though it can lift from the bottom. Any help

  5. smokystud69

    My sony 4k tv remote doesn't work and on the bottom i'm getting a blue/white flashing light with a x81 demo video. That being said i can use my 4k player remote and only use tv input or volume and on and off. I'm getting picture the tv remote has new batteries but same thing. Should i get a new remote for the tv or what?

  6. Mitchell Baumgartner

    Cam u walk me thru 7 flashes on 2008 kdl40xbr6. Unit put in garagewhen fqmily moved overseas 2014 worked fine gargae summer gets 85 degrees but when i put into use cant tirn on ar all, cat reset just standby 7 red flashes
    Understand this model had defectolive internal ovethear fuse so warranty replacement diff model had writte. Down but lost moddk but several peopke found this solition plus tv perfect low usage nwfore put in dtorage in garaege
    Given cant power up anything i might do to overcome prior to.relace tyis fuse to.maybe reset stanby?
    Do u know model og this fusw? Could get somu oarts for like 27 nucks shipoed 6 mths who
    Id love talk phone see if ciukd sol e cause i had sony 46xbr 8 the best tv any brand ecer made tol 2015 full backlit 4ks amd that tv woukd go.into dtandby nrand ne1mw wnd hsd to trick outbof amd reprogram few serting susoect rhat all this needs

  7. Joel Perez

    hey whats up , im having a bit of a headache trying to solve the kdl46s5100 mainboard problem lines on tv had fixed this replacing the main board but i would like to know if theres a way to fix the bad board?

  8. Troy Thompson

    I have a Samsung plasma red light blinks 6 times and I hear it make 5 clicking noises i have replaced the logic board and the component board /HDMI avi and I can't see any blown capacitors

  9. Stephen Vujevich

    Hi there! Thanks for this video, but I have a quick question. My XBR-49X830C recently stopped working after two years of use. I spoke with an authorized Sony repair facility and they said the bad part was the A2072555C logic board. I ordered a replacement and will attempt to fix it using your videos as guidance, but I was wondering if you had any pointers on when to attempt re-installation of the Android TV OS. Any tips or pointers would be great. I already have the OS saved to a USB drive and my replacement board should be arrive today.

  10. Dave Warden

    I have a Sony KDL-52XBR6 – Same problem, no lights, no power, power button does nothing. The main board is out of stock. Should I try the power board or measure the voltage?

  11. senchez steven

    hello i'm in Africa i have problem with my Sony bravia 22inch when i switch on it show the green light like 20 second it's switch off a till u disconnect from main power, please help

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