E3 2019 Bonanza! | Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast, Episode 50

It’s early June, which can mean only one thing: The NHL playoffs are nearly over, and it’s time to hunker down for several long, lonely months without hockey. But something else happens in early June each year that’s especially pertinent to this podcast’s audience: E3! And isn’t it so strange — serendipitous, even — that our very first E3 show would also be our fiftieth core episode? Fate’s funny like that, sometimes. To celebrate both E3 and Episode 50, let’s talk about the biggest, brightest, and most promising games showcased during the various publisher press conferences, the miscellaneous news items that always accompany such a busy time of year, and even hazard a guess as to E3’s longterm future. Not surprisingly, there’s a whole lot to get through. Could you imagine if Sony actually showed up? The podcast would never actually end. But perhaps that’s what some of you wanted all along. You’re not fooling anyone.

(Timestamps are in the pinned comment below.)

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41 Replies to “E3 2019 Bonanza! | Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast, Episode 50”

  1. Colin's Last Stand: Side Quest


    I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

    0:01:11 – Intro

    0:03:19 – Happy 50th Episode of Sacred Symbols!

    0:06:07 – CTR's Platinum is live. Can Chris do it?!

    0:08:08 – Why do people want Stadia to fail?

    0:18:57 – One listener writes in to ask about Chris’s roommate alien theory.

    0:20:16 – Colin hates going to shows. So why do we wanna do PAX West?

    0:22:48 – Is it disrespectful (or wrong) to report on leaked games?

    0:28:14 – What games we're playing.

    0:30:37 – Elden Ring — a new From Software game written by George R.R. Martin — is revealed.

    0:33:37 – Cyberpunk 2077 has a release date (and a special celebrity appearance).

    0:36:46 – Our first impressions of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (and a release date).

    0:43:33 – Doom Eternal has a release date.

    0:47:38 – Ghostwire: Tokyo has been announced from Tango Gameworks.

    0:49:29 – Arkane Studios' new game Deathloop has been announced.

    0:50:31 – Fallout 76’s upcoming DLC is free, and it adds a ton to the game.

    0:53:57 – The Outer Worlds has a release date.

    0:55:07 – New Borderlands 2 DLC is out. (Yes, Borderlands 2.)

    0:56:37 – The latest Tales game has been revealed: Tales of Arise.

    0:57:24 – Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is coming to PS4.

    0:59:17 – EA has revealed three new EA Original games.

    1:00:07 – Wolfenstein: Youngblood gets a release date.

    1:02:56 – A Destroy All Humans remake is coming, along with a new Darksiders game.

    1:05:16 – Destiny 2’s new expansion has been confirmed.

    1:07:53 – Xbox Game Studios has acquired Double Fine Productions.

    1:09:06 – THQ Nordic has revealed a remake of a fan favorite SpongeBob game.

    1:10:30 – Sony has revealed the top PSN downloads for the month of May, 2019.

    1:11:20 – The Uncharted movie really is happening.

    1:12:39 – Naughty Dog's PS3 games are losing their online functionality.

    1:13:17 – FIFA is dropping PS3 support for the first time since launch.

    1:14:03 – Bethesda is working on new streaming technology called Orion.

    1:16:07 – Minor game announcements and release date information.

    1:19:18 – Watch Dogs Legion has been confirmed.

    1:23:26 – Gods & Monsters is a new Ubisoft game coming soon.

    1:25:33 – Rainbow Six: Quarantine revealed.

    1:25:50 – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey gets a story creator mode.

    1:29:03 – Ubisoft has laid out what’s ahead for The Division 2.

    1:30:56 – A brief Ubisoft discussion.

    1:40:45 – Final Fantasy VII Remake has been fully revealed and dated.

    1:45:42 – The Avengers game has also been revealed and is coming in 2020.

    1:51:05 – Square Enix is publishing a game for People Can Fly called Outriders.

    1:52:13 – Romancing Saga 3 and Saga Scarlet Grace are coming to the West.

    1:53:41 – A brief Square Enix discussion.

    1:54:27 – Closing thoughts on E3.

    2:01:56 – This week's new releases for PS4, PS Vita, and PSVR.

  2. Tyson Williams

    I don't like the first watch dogs 1 but I love the second one, the story and characters are unabashedly a cheese fest and I love it and the aesthetic. The soundtrack is cool. San Francisco is a really fun setting for me. And the gameplay is great although there may be some repetitiveness the number of ways you can do things and the variety of activities make it last a long time and it's a fun time

  3. abcdefg2120

    Leaking something that was going to be held from the public indefinitely and something that was going to be presented to the public in a matter of weeks are not comparable in the slightest.

    Information regarding canceled projects like Titan, Starcraft FPSes (twice) or the Sony Santa Monica one, or development turmoil like Jason’s pieces on the last two BioWare games and the culture at Rockstar are important, because the information would otherwise never be known to the public. Still not anywhere important enough to be compared to the release of the pentagon papers, but important none the less.

    Revealing the existence of games shortly before they were going to be revealed anyway serves no purpose. You can say that it does no harm no anyone besides the marketing team but it has no merit either.

    Just as the marketing team can be cynically reduced to bean counters who do not care about their product beyond its capability to turn a profit, journalists can, at times, run an article for no other reason than to get clicks. I don’t know why you deem this specific article to be “good journalism” when it provides no value to the public. Simply because it doesn’t play on outrage culture? Surely that’s not a good bar to set.

  4. saxafish

    There is so much poor journalism in gaming. Leaking any bit of information that is going to be officially announced at a later date anyway is not good journalism at all. In fact, it's not even necessary at all. It is just stealing a slice of pie that wasn't even yours to begin with; just another web page for views. I don't mind though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    This just in: I will be eating cereal tomorrow. Stay tuned for the second, official post tomorrow.

  5. Aireeez

    The Last Remnant remastered announcement at the Sqaure/Enix E3 presentation was strictly for the Nintendo switch It is already on PS4 since late last year December 2018.

  6. JackFlash85

    Your "these are products" point doesn't quite land for me. On the one hand you're defending their journalistic duty to report what they find like they are real journalists then in the same breath undermine it by saying it's just marketing for a product. Which is it? And so what if it's a product? It's a product that people have spent a LOOOOT of money to plan out its marketing and roll out. Why do they give up their right to not have all that work and money wasted cause "look at me" journalists like Jason Shrier and Laura Kate Dale exist?

  7. Royd

    As a fan of both Watch Dogs games, I actually preferred the first one because of its violence/destruction and the fact you weren’t playing as what felt like overgrown teenagers. The second one improved in some areas, but they nerfed the silenced pistol leaving me as a stealth player to rely on a tazer pistol so the gunplay did not feel nearly as satisfying. I’m excited for Legion as it seems to be returning to the feeling of the first game while keeping some of the things 2 improved upon.

  8. FrancoUnAmericano

    But Jason can't claim that he has to "leak" the info because he is a journalist, then in the same breath claim that he has info that he doesn't leak…

    Either he has to leak everything "because he is a journalist" or he can't leak any of it.

  9. Felipe Pérez

    About the leaks thing, I completely disagree with you. Surprises are cool, and yes, they're marketing, but it's also on you as a customer not to be an idiot and preorder. Never preorder, period, but these surprises are really cool. I mean imagine getting Keanu spoiled, what a dissapointment for everyone.

  10. Felipe Pérez

    The part about pathogen's effects on aliens was referenced on the war of the worlds and is almost assuredly wrong. As much as we develop defences against our world's pathogens, the pathogens themselves attack us mostly through linking and interacting with our cells in very specific ways, it's likely aliens do not have the cellular receptors required for pthogens to affect them. They could start affecting them after a given time so they could adapt and evolve into being able to affect them, but it wouldn't be as dramatic as you postulate here.

  11. Cody Stokes

    This is quickly becoming one of the most aggravating podcasts I listen to.
    You don't like dark souls. fine.
    You HATE dark souls. fine, lots of people do.
    Why do you continually talk shit on fans of the games though?
    Supposedly an "elitist" and "toxic" fan base. weird to say cause in my experience it's extremely rare to come across a souls fan that actually is elitist, or toxic, or that actually buys into the Bandai Namco Souls-games-are-sooooo-hard marketing.

    If it aggravates you so much you could just ignore it. If you don't have anything nice to say about people you could not say anything. but instead you bring it up more and more frequently. To the point where practically every week you're talking shit on the Souls fan base.

  12. James Guerrero

    I got the platinum on AC Odyssey and I think I was probably around 100 hours in, I wouldn't say well over 100 hours. But I did have to look up guides a couple times for some fetch quests

  13. Ran Doozle

    No talk about the Mana collection and Trials of Mana(Seiken Densetsu 3 remake)? SD3 coming west for the first time ever is a big deal. And it's one of the best rpgs of that era

  14. Teh Hands

    I think there is some confusion about the Stadia pricing. The subscription is 9.99 a month and gives you games to play with Destiny 2 to be the first one, in a way this is much like the free games you get with PS plus but it also allows you purchase games at full price that aren't offered as a game with the subscription. This subscription is known as Stadia prime. Stadia basic is just access to the service where you buy games at full cost and doesn't require a monthly fee.

  15. ArchHippy

    33:56 "Unlike The Witcher, the lore and story of which is drawn from a Polish fantasy series of books, Cyberpunk is an entirely new series. Fully owned by the team."

    Huh. I guess Cyberpunk 2020 wasn't a thing.

    Edit: They corrected this in the next episode so it's fine.

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