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A playthrough of Enix’s 1993 action-RPG for the Super Nintendo, E.V.O.: Search For Eden.

Way back in 1993 when Evo came out, I *really* wanted to play it. The magazine reviews were pretty positive, and it looked so different from all the other games out there. Alas, this was another one of those titles that I never even stumbled across in stores, and it was several years later before I got the chance to play it.

EVO, as the title would imply, is all about evolution. It’s an action RPG that takes place across billions of years of Earth history, and it challenges you, a lowly fish, to travel the evolutionary trail with the goal of eventually becoming the dominant species. If you can do this, Gaia (the daughter of the sun, I think?) will accept you into Eden as an equal. If you can’t, extinction is your only alternative.

It’s mainly an action-platformer, but you can upgrade different body parts at will, and you will evolve into creates with more and more potential as you make your way through Earth’s history. It’s a super creative idea, and allows you to take quite a bit of ownership over how you play. The platforming is a bit clunky, but the overall appeal of getting to evolve helps ease that, and really – who would’ve thought Spore had been beaten to the punch by so many years?

If you like the offbeat and quirky stuff, this is an excellent choice – ludicrously expensive though it may be.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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34 Replies to “E.V.O.: Search for Eden (SNES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete”

  1. JakBaronKing

    Also that final boss is cheat

    What would’ve made the final fight more interesting is putting your past max evolutions to the test with the crystals. Meaning you gather enough to power through each counter evolution. Like you did with the dragon.

  2. borjitasstoi

    Evolve as human being
    heh pathethic

    i would like to give you something called "inteligence" yeah that "inteligence" anyone use nowadays

    you careate a "civilization" and help the world prosper sadly the crude thruth its other one and the way of prosperity completely depends for something with his name its money power and influences

    our mind its a difficult trial for overcome until find the eternal source of knowledge exists many conflicts makes impossible use the ingelitence properly

  3. L.A.I

    Oh, boy. This game is awesome! It's just sad, they didn't let we procede to Eden to see what happens next as the Partner of Gaia, when you have to create a civilization. Picture this; suddenly the game turns into a city simulator, where your mission is to use your God Powers to build a city from the ground and-… Uh-oh, wait… Sim City was already out at that point…

    forget it.

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