DualSense Wireless Controller Video | PS5

Discover a deeper, highly immersive gaming experience1 with the innovative new PS5โ„ข controller, featuring haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects2. The DualSense wireless controller also includes a built-in microphone and create button, all integrated into an iconic, comfortable design.

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    Is this for real? The third console in a row that you have given us basically the same controller? NO back buttons? I was adamant you would give fans what they wanted and ad back buttons to your controller but no. You come up with a gimmick instead of real innovation. Myt aswell called it the dualshock 5. That's what it is. Your upgraded the vibration and triggers apparently but they make it less effective for multilayer games against those who use controllers without it. Shame you missed something that would have put you levels above the competition. And it can't be used on the ps4? What in the actual? Oh but it works on the ps3? Well now your taking the pi…..

  2. Wayne Johnson

    Doesn't compare to a xbox controller, ranked 3rd behind elite 2, and regular series x controller. Sony and their gimmick controller. I'm glad sony came up with an update so I could turn those stupid features off. I never had the joystick drift so I feel even worse for the people that did. Just focus on a comfortable controller Sony. I know the fanboys will say something about this comment because sony can do no wrong to them. I just think people shouldn't always praise sony for everything they do, and yes this controller is a little more comfortable than the dual shock 4 but that's not saying much


    Ps5:play has no limits


  4. kiterJ

    PLEASE MAKE A BACK PADDLE ATTACHMENT for this exactly like the PS4! I end up playing my PS4 80% of the time because I have no paddle option for my PS5 which kind of makes investing in the new console pointless. Looking forward to an official sony product rather than controller modding. Thanks

  5. Yann Toole

    DualSense Controller Feedback – Ergonomics issues with the design of the bumper and trigger button placement: I have to shift my hand position to access the bumper after using the trigger. I don't have small hands (handspan is 25cm). I find that it's too much of a stretch for my index finger to get to the bumpers and be comfortable accessing the action buttons at the same time. The bumper and trigger buttons need to be moved lower, because it's easier to move your index finger down than stretching it up. Also, the bumpers and triggers need to be further in, so that I'm not uncomfortably curling the tips of my fingers in.
    Ergonomics design issue with the shape of the triggers: While playing GT Sport, my fingers keep sliding off the triggers. I got 3rd party trigger extensions to compensate for this, but they were too flimsy and broke. I think this issue is related to the triggers and bumpers being too high.
    Ergonomics design issue with the rear of the controller: The inside edge of my middle fingers frequently rest on the bump area on the rear of the controller, which make my fingers sore after 30 min.
    I much prefer gaming with the PS4 controller. It's a much more comfortable experience in my opinion. I hope that Sony re-evaluates the design of the DualSense controller. Whoever designed it, isn't a gamer.

  6. Zach2099

    I was playing with my friends PS five and when I played Astro playground I play the controller demo a I was clicking ZL and ZR button when I press them it feel like it was hard to push but then when I push them then the bottom of the controllers were like flying like a rocket Iโ€™m wondering how did you guys do that make the controller like realistic hard to push

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