DroningON | ZeroTech Dobby 2017 Review (Part 1) – Unboxing & Inspection

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00:19 – Dobby Introduction
01:37 – Dobby Unboxing & Inspection
07:26 – Dobby Accessories & Extras

PART 2 – Unboxing & Inspection (

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24 Replies to “DroningON | ZeroTech Dobby 2017 Review (Part 1) – Unboxing & Inspection”

  1. john

    I just got one from OneDigitals for £165.00 and so far it does exactly what it says on the box, don’t be put off using OneDigitals
    They have had some problems with delivery but they are trying to improve ,they appear to be a UK company but they actually operate out of HK.I just ordered some batteries from GearBest for £23.50 each including postage.

  2. Doug Conran

    Great Review (again) Ash. As you know, I'm a huge fan of the Dobby and I completely agree with your summary.

    A couple of additional points worth mentioning are (a) the Dobby operates on both the 2.4 and 5ghz wifi bands although not all phones can connect at 5ghz (my Samsung won't). However, unlike the Spark the Dobby does at least default to 2.4ghz. The Spark defaults to 5ghz which means that I have to manually reset the band every time I switch on which is, frankly, dumb! (b) You can both fast charge the battery by plugging the charger into the provided wall plug or slow charge by plugging it into a computer or usb power bank. This is very useful when going out for the day.

    Looking forward to your Part 2 (but I'm already sold on it lol).

  3. Andy Kiy

    Another great video Ash, really enjoy your style and pace of delivery, you cover things extremely well. Looking forward to part 2 of the drone that I never thought would last as long as this.

  4. João Gonçalves

    Nice review. Funny they ad an usb-c cable but then have the slot for standard usb in the drone itself. 350$ is a bit on the expensive side imo and gets it to close to the likes of the bebop 2 or the Xplorer Mini, wich seem more capable, at least for video. Unless you absolutely need something that fits in a pocket, wich I doubt. Maybe if it was 250$…Anyway looking forward to part 2. Cheers.

  5. R L

    Thanks for taking your time to review the Dobby! I saw an advertisement for it last year when I first started in the hobby, and not much since then… It still looks interesting!

  6. Techtonik097

    Excellent review! I'm in the market for my first drone and trying to find a balance between quality/capability and affordability. This one is looking pretty promising, but if you have any other good suggestions for that balance I'm looking for, I'd love know so I can weigh the pros and cons of more than just one.

  7. Steve Lane

    I bought a couple of these late last year. A very good antidote to the Onagofly. The Onagofly is very far from fulfilling its promise but I still have a soft spot for it. Unlike the Onagofly this does everything that I hoped. There have been some small upgrades and aftermarket bits since I got mine and plenty of App and firmware updates that offer continual improvements in functions and reliability. I can not emphasize how important it is with these drones to follow the instructions and regularly calibrate the compass if you move away from where it was first set. Avoid buildings and power lines and areas that may have strong wifi interference. But they do fly well indoors thanks to the ultrasonics and optical flow. Don't fly low over still water as the ground sensing can get confused! I have occasionally had a barometer error preventing take off. A quick on and off seems to fix that!
    Also when flying any drone don't be a dick!
    With these drones, I notice that yours now has the later slightly wider and more rounded tip props. These do make it a little quieter. I can't say that I have noticed much if any significant change in performance because of them. It may be that when you accidentally use Dobby as a fingernail trimmer the finger is slightly less lacerated! I fly using IOS on my 6s+ and on my iPod Mini cellular. On the Mini, the DoFun app works just fine but it loses its avatar so It displays as a generic app. I guess not rewritten for the iPad. It still fills about 85% of the screen. As I said I bought two. One from TomTop at a very good price then of about £260 and one from Banggood but that was £308. I can't remember why I chose Banggood for the second. It may have been a lack of availability at TT at the time I can't remember. I did get a refund from PayPal from TT as the first order hung in processing. and then about three days later the Dobby arrived! Naturally, I refunded the refund back to TT. I noticed later that I refunded about £30 too much!
    A point worth noting is that the TomTop Dobby came via the Royal Mail. They did not ask for any duty payment.
    The Bangood one came via FedEx and I had to stump up, I think about, £30 duty! It seems the Royal Mail can be quite random with duty collection but Fedex are stricter!
    I have also purchased other spares batteries and cases from Banggood. Also, some aluminum propeller mountings from Alibaba as the original Zerotech ones have a habit of cracking.
    Ironically I recently purchased an Alpha Egg drone from TT and that also hung on the processing so I did another nondelivery with PayPal and that was refunded. In typical fashion the Alpha Egg arrived a few days later! This time to balance things out I am hanging on to the refund. I bought another Alfa Egg from RCmoment.com that was priced about £10 cheaper. I then discovered chatting with their Customer service via Facebook that in fact, they are a part of TomTop and TomTop is what appears on the PayPal statement.
    Just to add further I have dealt with many of the Chinese gadget shops online. There has been the occasional hiccup but although they all vary in the ease of contacting customer service I have always had good resolution with all of them.
    My only minor irritation is that sometimes things arrive weeks after the initial order especially if a free post is used. No rel problem with that. It is just that it is rare to find any paperwork that gives me a clue who I bought the stuff from!
    Sorry to drone on and on about all this but your site is appropriately named 🙂
    Steve Lane

  8. el_marto

    It's rather not a "budget quad" per se (I mean, it is NOT pricey, but considering the cons and general age a couple of bucks cheaper should be more appropiate) but I guess it's "ok"? Care to please, if not edited yet, add a couple of selfies (I refuse to say dronie :P) with you and/or a group under different sircumstances like a dining party at home, grill day at the park, good bye gathering in a bus station and so on to showcase the potential of the drone for what's made for? I mean, you won't fil or shoot scenery pics with this one, or do cinematography or racing…

    Keep up the good work, I like the way you do the reviews, nice and consistent!

    Cheers from Barcelona!

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