Drone Paradise – Coron, Palawan [4K]

Blue skies, crystal clear waters, cool lagoons and untouched beaches. Coron, Palawan, Philippines.

Enjoyed the hospitality of Majika Resort and took in the sights at Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoons, Coron Town. Not to forget the coral gardens, CYC Beach, Lusong Gunboat and East Tangat Gunboat Shipwrecks.

12 Replies to “Drone Paradise – Coron, Palawan [4K]”

  1. John Sulava

    Why don't you show the town. The streets. The motorcycle taxi. The 100 dive shops. I lived here for a long time. Out side of town. Yes these places are beautiful. The wreck diving is some of the best in the world. These places are beautiful, but you need to show the world the town. Also take the world for a ride to the Hot Springs. Let the world see your taxi ride. This way the world is not surprised when they get to this beautiful place.

  2. Rodolfo De Los Reyes

    You are not only in Paradise, the truth is you are in Havelah the land of creation of Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden submerged during Noah's ark flood, but the exact location found and his name today is Tubataha Reef full of different species of Corral's and fish, this was revealed by God Culture, please check in YouTube title Solomon Gold by God Culture, also the tree of Life and tree of knowledge of good and Evil identefied, then you are the one who can decide,

  3. Jon Ranara

    Great shots, mate!. Could I borrow a few second clips of your drone
    shots? I went there last week and my Mavic Pro crashed and I wasn't able
    to recover any of my footage. 🙁 I'll link your video and channel and
    give full credits for the aerial shots.

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