Drone Fail Crash 2018 COMPILATION Mavic 2 Zoom Crash, Phantom 4 Crash, Karma Drone Crash, October

Drone Crash Fail 2018 Compilation includes Mavic 2 Zoom Crash, Drone Crashes into woman, Phantom 4 crash, drone crashes into water, drone crashes into truck, Parrot drone crashes while landing, drone active tracking fails and various other multicopter and rc plane crashes.

Drones Crashing would like to thank everyone who supplied their footage for the creation of Drone Crash 2018 Compilation High Definition Video October
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DRONE CRASH (ecs failure)
Crash and Burn
Drone Crash into Semi
Drone Crash Some were in Tulum Mexico
Drone crash…
DJI Mavic Air Drone Crash
Drone Crash into Semi
Go Pro Karma Crash Moments
Mavic 2 Pro crashes into lake
DJI Mavic Air Active Track mode gone wrong
DJI spark crash!!!!!!!
Don’t set your drone to track another drone
Phantom 2 – nao deixe seu drone cair
Gulfstream G650 RC Crash
Drone LOST at Sea! Crossing the EQUATOR! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.192
Crashed my Mavic 2 pro!!
John’s massive rc crash
I CRASHED my Mavic 2 pro!!
Drone crash MRxWOWx CHANNEL
Dive and crash
Mavic Air crash
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My first crash playing in sport mode
Drone crash
Drone Crash
DJI Mavic Pro 2 Crash
[HD] Spark Fall 01
Drone crashed into water and found again
GoPro Karma Crash 15 SEP 18
Parque de S. Roque; (inc. Drone crash)
DJI MAVIC 2 PRO crash during active track!
Drone takes a swim with the trout in the Crooked River, Oregon www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCtLUy7ZIMQ
Crashing Drone into the Ocean!
Mavic Pro Mid-Air Crash
dji Spark 1st wreck
Drone Crash Surfing
2nd flight of BRAND NEW Hubsan H109S (CRASH)
Drone crash into Mountain
FPV Freestyle – Santa Kwad – Crash 001 – France
Parrot Disco Landing Crash – Ground Effect
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27 Replies to “Drone Fail Crash 2018 COMPILATION Mavic 2 Zoom Crash, Phantom 4 Crash, Karma Drone Crash, October”

  1. Bob A

    These are reasons why when you see a drone "expert" advising people on you tube that a $400 drone is a great starter drone, to immediately switch to another video. Start with under $100 with fair features, but 99% manually controlled and then work your way up.
    I have been learning drones for about a month now, everyday for at least 45 minutes a day and STILL turn left rather than right when flying nose in. Not often, but enough that I too could into a diesel truck cab. I fly practicing turns, drift compensation, orientation of drone, determine my limited abilities of depth perception. I have smashed my UDIrc 818A Plus into all manner of immovable object. Still works, but I have replaced blades and a motor. Still under $100 cost. It is easy to fly a drone is an open field away from objects. I practice slaloming my way between trees, cars, light poles.
    Forget about using the camera and FPV goggles until your are very proficient at manually flying the little beast. No cell phone controls. Learn manually first.

  2. Soar FPV

    FPV drone freestyler crash = dang that was awesome better fix my 200 dollar quad. Camera drone dude crashes = cue tears and over a thousand bucks down the drain. 😂 😂

  3. DontFear Respect

    1:05 that had everything to do with him. High altitudes he sent the drone into decent and experienced some turbulence. If you know what your doing you can get the drone steady again, and from the height he was at he had plenty of time to do it.

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