Drone Crash in Ireland, I'm calling the police!

Crashed the DJI Drone into the river near Galgorm Spa in Belfast. I needed to recover it but the staff wasn’t too happy.

Watch our Chanel Boomerang video we filmed there:

We had an amazing time at the hotel despite that experience and would LOVE to come back.

Big thanks to Devin Supertramp for getting those wonderful shots of us! Subscribe to his channel here:
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49 Replies to “Drone Crash in Ireland, I'm calling the police!”

  1. Bob Riley

    Really enjoyed your video. I was brought up in Belfast N Ireland although I left there in 74 and have not been back since 76, it's a beautiful place and the people are really friendly. BUT we DO suffer from Snowflakes a LOT in the UK. I have two drones myself ie a Phantom 3 Pro and a Mavic Air, Great drones but I would love to get a Mavic 2 Pro with the new controller. COULD get it but my wife would kill me, Women don't understand the IMPORTANT things in life like buying great drones ie they would rather waste money on stuff like food etc haha. Take care mate Bob.

  2. Films Average

    Do it for the vlog, in all seriousness I'm surprised they didn't want you to do it, it is an expensive drone. And at the end of the day, you're a tall dude who went on his own free will.

  3. Michael Schofield

    I think she over reacted ?. I know a lot of people that drink in the Irish pubs and fall into lakes and rivers and never get sick….then they drink Jameson Irish whiskey to ensure their bodies are cleansed ?

  4. Aepek

    Very beautiful place & have never seen so much "GREEN" in my life….gorgeous
    Just saw the ending… A tip: when flying drones & there's a tree in front of you…..don't fly straight into it??, funny, but great footage!

  5. Star Lover

    Hahaha! My family & I are in stitches at you launching yourself into the River at the Galgorm ?? absolute legend!! We live about a half hour away from The Galgorm, nice place but staff up their own hoops much? Lol! Skateboarding at the Dark Hedges, fab!! Come back soon guys!

  6. It’s Will

    Omg when the hotel employees got really mad I couldn’t stop laughing ?! Dan you made the right decision going in! They were not trying to protect your “Heath and safety” they were only trying to prevent them from being sued!

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