Drone Captures Epic Shark Breach! | Shark Week

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37 Replies to “Drone Captures Epic Shark Breach! | Shark Week”


    Every time a shark bite and attack your decoy it waste so much energy and will eventually starve because great whites use there food to keep them warm so USE REAL MEAT REAL SEALS

  2. Producción Antena 3

    Antena 3 Noticias Spain requests your authorization to broadcast a very few seconds of this video, we are special interested when suddenly the shark surfaces. Please let us know if it would be possible and we would include a mention of Discovery Channel. Thank you very much.

  3. Andrea Stevenson

    Why? Isn't shark week about teaching people not to fear JAWS? Instead they purposefully show us why I'm afraid to swim in freaking fresh water!!!!! Thanks Discovery, I will be floating on the clackamas river in Oregon this weekend with my eyes peeled for freaking sharks!!!!!

  4. Ronan Rogers

    So, they’re basically training great whites to go after anyone on a surfboard or paddle board just to get a 3 second video.

    No wonder Mick Fanning was almost taken out.

  5. Casey Michelli

    I love shark week its my favorite time of the year. I have a question when sharks breach they use a huge amount of energy. Does that affect the shark in a negative way of using that energy for a fake seal. Just a thought

  6. Jeremy Hannaford

    I think it’s mean to make the sharks jump and not get a meal for their effort. They should drag a real seal behind them- it might be cruel, but then no meal for the shark is cruel. Alternatively you could wait for a shark to launch at a real free swimming seal or once everybody has their air shots, and there must be plenty by now, there is no need for any new photographs or video footage. It like climbing Everest….it’s been done- give the money to a worthy cause.

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