48 Replies to “Driving Tesla Model X through deep snow”

  1. Chris Chiera

    Good to hear, though I imagine it's most attributed to the "Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8" studded snow tires. A car with regular tires would do horrible, most suvs with those tires would probably fair similar. Where is range rover suspension could get through much higher however vs the model x with its much lower max suspension means no matter how good the tires are it wouldn't be able to get through high snow presumably.

  2. Samuël Visser

    This channel is a total gem on Youtube! Every video is amazing, Bjorn is just so pure and clearly enjoying making the videos. Besides, I have yet to see the first purely negative comment on his videos. Love to be part of this little community 🙂

  3. Torsten Jess

    I think you could have easily gotten stuck if you went farther in that snow pile. Just need to always bring tire chains and a shovel. I wish you would have mentioned what type of tires you had and how many miles are on them though. Regardless, great demonstration. Peace.

  4. Ross Youngblood

    OK, how about… back up to where you have no traction, then LOWER the car to LOW to compress the snow under the car, then back up to "VERY HIGH" to see if the right rear wheel gets traction. That would be a cool video. "Snow Compactor".

  5. Olivier St-laurent

    Bjørn Nyland,
    There is an option called Slip Start, it will let all wheels turn at the same time, not just the one with the more traction.
    With that option on you would get unstuck of pretty much any amount of snow as long as your wheels are still touching the ground.
    In your video, with the way your wheels are turning I can clearly see that you did not use the Slip Start mode.
    You should try it in a future video.

  6. Colin Vos

    Okay I got a stupid idea. What if you get stuck in the snow while the suspension is set to very high and then lower the suspension to very low.
    Will the car lift its wheels up or will the snow get pressed together underneath the car and the car wheels will still be on the ground.

    If the car lift its wheels up see what happens when you step on the throttle

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