Driving Chevy Bolt EV 470 km/292 mi on a single charge

During our stay in South Korea, we took a road trip from Seoul to Jeju in a Chevrolet Bolt EV. The challenge was to see how far we could drive in a single charge. I will make another road trip video once the European version (Opel Ampera-e) comes out.

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42 Replies to “Driving Chevy Bolt EV 470 km/292 mi on a single charge”

  1. Leo M. Mara

    I drive a 2018 Bolt EV. I was trained on our 2011 Prius, to drive economically. So far I have averaged over 300 mi./full charge. I have owned many cars, of all types, in my many years. I love this car. It is quite, solid and way fun to drive. Being 6' – 2" and weighing over 300 lbs., there is lots of head and leg room. My two complaints are the driver's seat is too narrow and not padded enough. I hope Chevrolet does a recall to fix these problems.

  2. voidremoved

    thanks for filming at night. I did not know about the blue lights in dash. if they can not shut off it might be a deal breaker. you cant even take a fuse out? do these have fuses? there must be a way to shut it off in the software…

  3. Marcelo Dejon

    Hi there, after watching several videos (including this one several times), I imported a Chevy Bolt, the first and only 100% electrc car of the country (Brazil). Just wanted to thank you for your great videos and let you know that you contribuited for my pioneer decision.

  4. Defender Tom

    There is not built in navigation, but you can use CarPlay or android Auto and the map will display on the screen and play through the car speakers.
    Thanks for sharing! I made the trip to Mokpo ferry and trip down the Jeju just a few months ago. Beautiful place..Korean Hawaii!

  5. k238908

    Hi Bjorn, I would like to ask your honest opinion. If you had to recommend the best electric car to buy at the moment excluding any in the tesla range. Which would it be?

  6. Kieran Mullen

    'Why complain about hard plastic? Didn't it take Tesla forever to upgrade the interior in their "High End Vehicle" Tell me what fine grain woods are they using in their $70-100,000 USD car?

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